Reynolds Oven Bags

Reynolds Oven Bags

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As a wife and mother for the last sixteen years you would think by now, I would be a modern chef. Offering my family many gourmet meals and having a huge recipe file of different mouth watering recipes. The truth is I do not like to cook, not even a little bit. So when I see a product that might make my cooking time more pleasurable and easy, I will jump on it. My first experience with Reynolds Oven Bags was four years ago when I decided to take the plunge and make my own Thanksgiving feast for my family. After going to Butterball website to learn how to cook a turkey, I began to feel confident. Once I purchased my Reynolds Oven Bags I felt even more confident, as it sounded too easy and too good to be true. Preparation and Use: The Reynolds Oven Bags are designed to take the mess and fuss out of cooking. So I buttered and salted my turkey and added my stuffing and then simply inserted it into the Reynolds Oven Bag. Next use one of ties provided to tie off your turkey to prevent juices from leaking out, then simply take a knife and cut 5-6 slices in the top of the bag to allow air to escape. That is it; you are well on your way to a delicious and juicy Thanksgiving Turkey. Now the problem comes once your turkey is done or meat of your choice, I found it was very hard to transfer the juices to create gravy. The bag itself is rather flimsy especially after cooking, so lifting the bag to pour into a pan is out of the question. However if you are patient and use a ladle you can grab your yummy juices and start to prepare your gravy. Now clean up is a breeze simply have someone open a trash bag for you and then just lift the bag and insert, as simple as that. About the Product: The Reynolds Oven Bags come with two bags per box and two ties to tie off your bags, included also is a nice little booklet with helpful holiday recipes. Reynolds recommends that you cut 6 slices in the top of your bag before cooking I vary between 4-6 and have never had a problem. Also it is recommended not to use these bags in an oven that is hotter than 400 degrees. The Reynolds Oven Bags are great for turkey but I have also used them in preparing roast and chicken for my family. The bags seem to cook my meat fast then cooking them conviently and leaves the meat so tender and juicy.

These are awesome and they also work great for microwaving Chex mixes.

Have sued these for YEARS! Pretty much since they first came out. Work great for ham as well as turkey!

Love these bags. So easy to use, clean up is fast and easy, and the meat stays juicy and tender.

A must have during the holidays

These bags are life savers! Love them!

I'll never cook another turkey without an oven bag. The meat literally falls off the bone.

I use these on thanksgiving and Christmas. No fuss no muss...!

Works really well. Less clean up. Holds in the moisture to make the food more tender and moist.

These are the only bags I use for cooking my Turkey over Christmas! My turkey always comes out tender and juicy! Definitely worth trying and highly recommend.

Love the bags makes baking meats tender and seals in the juices. No messy clean up you I always keep this product around and the house not just for the holidays

Another great Reynolds products

These bags are a lifesaver. Not only do they make clean up easier but the flavor is always amazing!

I have used these bags for poultry and roasts. Foods are always cooked perfectly - tender, moist, and browned. Clean-up is so easy!! Just open the bag, remove food and discard the mess.

My family isn't big "stuffing" fans, so these bags work so nicely on the Thanksgiving turkey. Simply open the bag up shortly before the cooking time has ended to brown the top nicely.