Advil Migraine Pain Reliever

Advil Migraine Pain Reliever

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it is a wonderful product.i would recommend it to anyone looking for relief

Fast and effective. Period.

I find Excedrin Migraine to work better than this does when I have an actual migraine, but when I feel like I'm GOING to get a Migraine, this works just fine to keep it from turning into one. The only problem is that I have to take it right away or it doesn't stop my headache pains.

works GREAT

This product can't touch my migraines. I am surprised anyone with a real migraine can say it helps. Now, if it's not a migraine, if it's a standard headache or a sinus headache, sure. Maybe it can help some with minimal migraines due to the caffeine. But as far as I'm concerned, it's a waste for anyone hoping to relieve migraine pain. They'd do better to get some strong coffee or a vasoconstrictor like Relpax or Imitrex if they can and take whatever pain reliever works best for them, and hide in a darkened, silent room. I give it two stars for the ibuprofen, which helps a little if you catch it early.

It helps more with my back pain. I have scoliosis and take prescription pain meds but late evenings I use this or other otc pain relievers.

This is about the only non-prescription I have used that actually works. I have MS and get frequent headaches, I don't like to take prescriptions for it but sometimes I have to. This works well for me.

I like it this product get for headaches.

Gosh...I have been on Topomax for 6yrs and on all those other Zomig, Maxalt,Midrin, Imitrax etc, they are all a joke in my opinion I wish they would come out witha miracle migraine medication but this actually works pretty good for me, now I have to take 2 and then take 2 more like 2 hours later but they do work, now if someone can tell me something that is a miracle that works please email me because I would love to try it, I am 37 had a hysterectomy when I was 27 and ever since then I have had migraines out the ying yang, but on a serious note really nothing has worked for me and I think I have tried everything...this just seems to help when in doubt.

Waste of time for clinical migraines. I'm on prescription abortive drug Dolgic Plus and it's a Godsend, but when I was out of Dolgic I tried Advil Migraine and some coffee.. No dice. Wound up in the hospital begging for the pain shot I have to get when the meds don't work. On a side note though, I've found that generally caffeine helps somewhat. This website is so helpful to all you fellow sufferers..Now I know why meds don't help some of us!!! Please read.

I bought the Advil Migraine. I am afraid to use it. I have asthma. The only thing that will work for me is prescription drugs. These pills are over $35 a pill. So if the Advill works and it doesn't kill me, it would be wonderful.

i personally prefer Excedrin. Love it. I actually have bad migraines, prescription drugs...the whole nine, but usually, if i take an excedrin as soon as i feel a headache, i wont get a full blown migraine.

Even a light migraine of mine would not be helped without some sort of caffeine. If they would like to market this product for headaches I think that might would be okay, although questionable, but for a migraine? Obviously they have not had a migraine. Advil migraine couldn't even knock out one of my annoying headaches. I only bother with my migraine medicine, taking phenergan for nausea 10 mins before it. But in a pinch if I'm without it Excedrin Migraine can get me through it if taken when I first feel it coming on. No point in taking the advil, for a migraine sufferer with nausea and vomiting like me it'll likely cause more problems than it's worth. It still amazes and annoys me that people call a headache a migraine and vice- versa. Example: "Oh, I have such a bad migraine", as you are sitting there working, talking on the phone, working on the computer. "Oh really, that's weird, when I have a migraine, I have to go home, turn off the lights drape myself over the toilet and pray that it doesn't kill me." They are nothing alike!

Didn't seem to work for me. I use Tylenol Rapid Relief for my frequent migranes. Works much better than this.