CoverGirl LashBlast Volume Mascara

CoverGirl LashBlast Volume Mascara

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Not impressed at all. Do not like the applicator, very flimsy and messy

I didn't like the applicator at all!!!

I'm not impressed. I hate the brush and it's too hard to use. It also doesn't do enough for lashes. There are tons of better products on the market. Don't waste your money.

I bought this mascara really, really hoping that it would make my lashes huge and make my eyes really pop. Once I spent 8 dollars on a tube of the stuff, I HATED it. The brush irritated my eyes, my lashes weren't dark enough, and my lashes didn't get any longer. 8 dollars wasted!

I don't really like this mascara. It doesn't do anything to lengthen my lashes.

I was not a fan of the wand. I felt the wand was too wide and made it awkard to use. I got mascara on my eyelids and the corner of my nose. Maybe if I got comfortable using the mascara I would have liked it more but I didn't feel like spending the time. The color was nice but I wouldnt buy this product again.

Way to much hipe. Didn't do anything they claimed. Awkward to use.

I bought this mascara when it first came out on the market and it didn't meet my expectations. I was expecting to really like this new mascara, and what I found was a product that was so poorly designed. The wand seemed so bulky to me that it made applying the product difficult. I am a person that will still use the product until finished, but I have to say that this is the 1st mascara that I ever tossed into the garbage because it seemed to be too much trouble to use it. If the product were redesigned I would possibly give it another chance, but until then, I'll stick with my other 2 favourites: Loreal and Lancome.

I wish I could rate it higher, but this went bad within 2 months of getting and using it. I think I will not buy this mascara anymore.

Covergirl Lashblast Mascara did not meet the expectations. It clumps up on the lashes and also feels very dry. I tried it of myself as well as a couple of clients I did makeup for and was constantly disappointed. Would not recommend

I really didnt like the style of brush or the formula. Possibly too watery ? I just didnt feel like it gripped my lashes and did to much for them. Im not all for clumpy lashes but this didnt even come close to giving them even a little umpf ! Moving on to a better one now ...

I tried it a couple times. Coverage is so-so. I was not impressed with it.

I am just now using my first tube of ths Lash Blast Mascara and I do not like it. II makes my eyes feel like they want to stick togther. I have since brough a new and different brand and hope for happier results.

Its flakey and rubs off on my skin (raccoon eyes-yuck!). It makes my eyelashes darker, buy I don't see any difference in thickness or length.

Hated it! I was so excited when I bought it but it was very clumpy when I put it on, too much stuck on the brush and it made a big mess