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  • Brettslady By  Brettslady    

    My cats don't avoid the box with this. Odor control is good.

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  • txmyers By  txmyers    

    Absolutely the worst litter I've ever tried. I'm sweeping the floor around 2 litter boxes shared by 3 cats twice a day and it's continually covered by litter. The same boxes have been used with other litters and they didn't dig so hard they coated the floor around them.

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  • Brenda25md By  Brenda25md    


    It's ok. Good for the price. But it's Better to just spend a few more bucks if you have it.

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  • Anjela By  Anjela    

    Cheap cat litter!You get what you pay for.Does cover any odors at all.Save your money and go for Tidy Cats Clumping Cat Litter.

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  • CadenceBlythe By  CadenceBlythe    

    I like the quantity for the price but it does not hide smells. I would like to try the cedar litter but that seems so messy but smells really good. For this cat litter, it's a mess and does not cover smell. A person would really need to stay on top of this cat litter and change it constantly.

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  • Kristi79 By  Kristi79    

    The litter is so dusty it made my cat sneeze and cough. It does nothing for the smell and it's hard to scrape off the litter box. There has to be another cheap litter out there if your in a pinch.

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  • mmrodriquez07 By  mmrodriquez07    

    So I did try the Cats Pride scoopable litter when I was running out of my usual brand and the store didn't have my usual stocked. I have to say as a multi-cat house, this is not the brand. It was ok for my first two using the restroom but when a few of my others tried stepping in, it was already a no go. I was having to check my litter boxes every 2 hours to make sure my babies had enough clean litter that wasn't stuck to the bottom of my litter boxes for them to do their business. The cleaning was horrible!!!! It soaked the urine and dried it solid to the bottom of one of my litter boxes. Once I got home I had such a hard time scrapping it off that I just threw that litter box away and bought a new one. Defiantly not for a multi-Cat family!

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  • KBC111669 By  KBC111669    

    A good cheap litter. We have one cat who doesn't even use the litter box much, but this did not control odor well.

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  • MasterofMom By  MasterofMom    

    This is my favorite brand of cat litter when I need something cheap and scoopable, but it doesn't keep the poo from smelling up your house. If your cat doesn't have super-smelly bowel movements or you have an outdoor litterbox, this stuff works great, but if your cat has a sensitive digestive system, I recommend going for a heavier odor controller.

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  • cholcomb4 By  cholcomb4    

    Not the best litter. If Tidy cat or Fresh step isn't in your budget this is ok, but it doesn't compare to more expensive brands. It doesn't help with odors very well at all.

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  • sarasponda By  sarasponda    

    This is cheap and you're getting what you're paying for.

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  • evva99 By  evva99    

    I tried this litter because it was less expensive and I had a coupon. It does clump well. The problem is all the dust. Very dusty. It does not do a good job at hiding or controlling odors either. I have two cats and this litter did not do the job. I went back to Tidy Cats even though its a bit more expensive.

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  • SweetSara By  SweetSara    

    The litter gets every where, in corners, cracks, and is easily thrown from the litter box (which has a cover mind you). The only upside to this product is that it does do it's job of masking the smell, with that said, I've never had problems with kitty litter smell. I also clean my cat's litter box every day, so I don't know how much that says about the smell thing.

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  • pbjalme By  pbjalme    

    I have 10 indoor cats, so I am always looking for inexpensive cat litter that clumps. It does create dust and can be messy, but it clumps really nicely and does disguise some of the cat oder. This is not a bad product, and if you have a lot of cats, and are looking for a clump style litter, and always have a mess to clean up anyway, I would recommend this litter in a pinch. Not bad, worth a try.

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  • freebiequeen By  freebiequeen    

    Not the best for sure, leaves dust all over, and does not control odor very well at all. We have actually found that Special Kitty works a lot better for less money. But our favorite brand is Tidy Cat, You can get it 2 for $10 on sale. Buy that and stick with it. Arm and Hammer is also very dusty and odor control is terrible as well. You may as well use Non clumping. Has not odor control We do clean our litter box twice a day, would YOUR cat want to walk in their own feces? Mine sure don't . We would rather clean it up and take out those small bags directly to our garbage bins in our apt.

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