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  • MJDilla By  MJDilla    

    Good stuff

    One of my favorite cereals...I usually have 2 boxes in the pantry at all times!

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  • softbabe44 By  softbabe44    

    special k

    i have tried special k its really some great tasting cereal keeps you full and gives you fruit in your cereal for the most amazing bowl of cereal.

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  • rosemships By  rosemships    

    Special K Red Berries

    The Special K Red Berries is my favorite breakfast. It is good for you a well.

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  • stylinstar53 By  stylinstar53    

    Fruity Crunch Delight!

    For years, I've been a big fan of Special K Red Berries. Not only is it nutritious and the ideal way to start my day, but it is also packed with the sweetness of the dried strawberries and also provides a delicate crunch for texture. It is great alone, with milk, or with yogurt!

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  • stef42678 By  stef42678    

    Love This Cereal

    This is my favorite cereal! I love the crunchy flakes and the real strawberries, plus it is low in calories. I love eating this for a meal as well as it makes a great snack.

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  • Rileylam09 By  Rileylam09    

    Best cereal

    The best cereal, my three year old loves it as much as I do. The strawberries are the best part and I do wish it had more in each bite! It's pretty addicting because the flavor is so good.

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  • moon12216 By  moon12216    


    berries have a odd taste.the flakes are good its just something kinda tart with the berries..

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  • feeshea By  feeshea    

    I love this cereal . I usually buy a couple of boxes when they go on sale. I love that I has berries in it and it's not too sweet. I like that it's some what healthy and still has a great flavor.

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  • Destiny9206 By  Destiny9206    

    Healthy and delicious! Helps drop pounds! I love all Special K products! They are so good to me!

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  • dlpattison By  dlpattison    

    Love it but wish the flakes were smaller. Just the right amount of sweetness.

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  • olnesshawk By  olnesshawk    

    This cereal is very good. What I love the most is that it's low in calories and still tastes delicious.

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  • EMNguyen87 By  EMNguyen87    

    My husband and I love this cereal for breakfast. The berries do the trick. I'm actually going to snack on some now.

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  • going4it By  going4it    

    Special K Red Berries cereal is one of my morning favorites. I love the crisp cereal and the burst of strawberry. Paired with almond milk, this makes a refreshing quick "good for you" breakfast.

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  • katfos By  katfos    

    I love keeping the individual cups of this at my desk. The dehydrated berries are delicious once you let them sit in the milk for a minute or two!

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    Of all the Special K cereals, this is a favorite. I think a few more (or lots more) red berries could be added. I enjoy this cereal while feeling i am doing something good for me!

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