Penelope Movie

Penelope Movie

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It was the cutest thing I had seen for centuries? This actress is a really charming ugly duckling?

Great take on a modern fairy tale. I enjoyed it immensely....clever.

This is such a hidden gem of a film. What kid wouldn't love a movie about a girl with a pig snout for a nose? Boys and girls alike are immediately drawn into this delightful film about a young girl who is the bearer of a family's curse of a pig nose that she must bear until she finds love. The affluent family has created a fantastical living space for her that every kid dreams of. The movie not only ignites your childrens minds but warms the adults with memories of childhood fantasies. All of that with a love story to top it off makes for an excellent view!

This is an awesome movie for the whole family. I think it helps everyone be proud of who they are. Definitely one I would pass down to my children and then my grandchildren.

I really enjoyed this movie.

I've watched this movie a few times and it always keeps me interested. It's a good movie for all age groups and for either gender!

This was such a cute movie! I think everyone should see it! It was so sweet!

I really enjoyed this movie. It was a feel good movie that I enjoyed on the couch cuddled up with the pooch

I loved this movie! It was creative and different and gave a great message to teen girls growing up in this day in age.

This movie was absolutely adorable. It was witty, cute and an all around great family movie. I would recommend this to anyone!

I love this movie! its sweet, funny,warm and smart. she finds out that she already had some one to love her all along. All she had to do was let go and than find her own way.

I love this movie. Whenever I have time to relax I put it in for fun, or just to have some extra noise when I'm home alone.

thsi movie is adoreable! it sends such a good message to young girls out there that have self esteem issues! :)

what a great movie! even my hubby liked it, great story line. cute and fun to watch

I like this movie.. this is a fell good one..My family and friends love it!!!