Tripp NYC Bondage Pants

Tripp NYC Bondage Pants

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First of all, I have owned a pair of these for three and a half years and they are just now starting to fall apart and I literally wear them every other day. They are extremely comfortable. But to the person before who said you can't wear them to school; you can detach all the chains and then they can be worn to school. I'm a girl and I have been wearing these pants since middle school and I'm not at all a trouble maker. I get straight A's, I dont do any drugs (which, quite sadly Is rare for teens inthe suburbs) and I don't get into trouble. Thoes of you saying that people that wear these pants are/look like trouble makers seem very judgemantal and stereotype people. If you want to wear them or not is your decision but don't judge. In the beginning when I got my first pair in seventh grade the teachers looked at me weird for a week or two but they got used to it. I was the only person in the middle school, and now the high school with these pants. Teachers should know that they can't judge kids by what they look like so that shouldn't be a problem. Some of my teachers from then still email and talk to me. I do agree though that now since there are hot topic stores everywear there are a lot of teens that wear them because they want to be "cool and rebellious". This bugs me because I have been wearing them for ages and now there's kids everywear that think they're all that.

I think the price is a little over the top but my kids love them! I have a 15 year old son and this is all he will wear. Another thing I dont like about them is the quality of them, he has gone through several pairs over the past year, they rip easily.

I didn't buy these at hottopic. I found a pair at the thrift store. I love them but they to long on me. And it's not for thugs like most people think.

I have a a few of these pants, their comfy and i never need a purse when i wear a pair.

like just plain pants

kids at our school cant even wear things like this to school.. i personally wouldnt pay 60 dol. for pants that look like that. in style or not

I definitely wore these in school years ago. Thankfully this trend died out. If it's still around I'm unaware of it.

To pay that much for a pair of pants is way to much for a child. Some parents don't even pay that much for their own pants, let alone a child. My oldest wore them when it was the fad in his teens, but then he worked and bought his own. He did outgrow that fashion thankfully.

My teens aren't into the "punk/ gothic" look, but rather the preppy one. Even at some high end stores such as Hollister and American Eagle you can get cheaper pants than that.

Looks sloppy. The chains also get caught in chairs, etc.a nd aren't very sanitary because they are always dragging!

Are we seriously reviewing this item??? Come on these are gross!! Just No, a thousand times no!!!

Ummmm...just no. This is not a good look for most people out there.

If I could give a negative amount of stars on this product, I would. For $85 on, I'd expect a little higher quality product. I bought the baggy cammo ones. Three pairs to be exact. They look awesome don't get me wrong. Three days into owning them, the buttons snapped off and weren't reusable because the plastic itself broke, not the stitching. I bought them around the beginning of spring and mainly wore them as shorts. After about four times in the washer, the color faded considerably, leaving me with faded shorts and like new pant legs. about 2 month into owning them, the zippers on them started coming apart, which was an easy fix because I just took a pair of pliers and clamped them down tighter. But the zippers themselves eventually just broke in half because of corrosion from sweat and the fact that the metal they're made out of is about as thick as tin foil. This forced me to have to sew the zippers shut. The miscellaneous straps and what not that are sewn to them began to rip off because it seems like they're only stitched once or twice at the most. So, little mundane things like catching them on something or simply running them through the washer will eventually tear all the cool looking straps off. So, to make a long story short, these pants are ridiculously overpriced garbage. If you're looking for old school wide leg pants, go with kikwear. I have about 5 pairs of kikwear jeans that I've worn for about 4 years now and they still pretty much look new.

I do not like these pants at all. I think they reveal something much more than style, but a BDSM lifestyle, which is the point of all the chains and such. These aren't made for children, but adults who are into those type lifestyles. The pants were actually made popular years ago in videos by being chained up and such. Definitely not for children.

As much as I love the Tripp brand, I hate these pants. They scream MallGoth, overpriced and I can easily make them myself.