Baby Einstein DVDs

Baby Einstein DVDs

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This is something that may not be very entertaining to your ears if you play for your child. I can see how this is good for small children as it changes pictures / objects very often to where it may keep their attention.

Limited to those who can't speak out yet MAYBE good for newborns?? I played this for my child when he was 2 and he did not like it at all. As an adult; very annoying to listen to also!

My son (17 months) seemed very bored with these. Of course we have only one DVD that he will actually sit down and watch.

Some of these videos are really neat and my kids enjoyed, others are VERY boring, and not just according to Mommy but Baby and Toddler, too. It's a fifty fifty, I'd say there is some beginning educational value but in no way is it worth all the money it costs. Find refrigerator on eBay or at a garage sale or get your child a better program.

This makes a great gift !!!

i have 4 kids and each one has watched and enjoyed this series , now theres a little older series on tv called little einsteins they like that too.

I dont like these dvds as much as my sister does. She swears by them

we have one that teaches (or is supposed to) teach sounds, and I like it mostly for the music, but 50% of the songs are only offered in another language and I dont find that right. They should offer it in english as well as the others.

I think they are okay. I have some but don't feel great about putting my son in front of the tv. I would rather read to him or play with him to teach him. I tend to use them only if I need to keep him distracted for a few minutes so I can cook or shower.

Honestly? My daughter wasn't at all interested in the Baby Einstein videos and I've tried several. She preferred "Bear in the Big Blue House" and the "Leap Frog" videos from a very young age. So, I guess I'm one of the odd people that don't really like the Baby Einstein series.

The Baby Einstein dvd's are great. My daughter, who is now 2, loved watching them. (She is slowing starting to grow out of them). I do not think they helped her with colors, numbers, talking, ect though.

We really liked these DVDs - good scaffolding of educational information for little guys!

We had a few when my daughter was little. They held her attention pretty well at first and I can say at 4 now she can read and write.

My son loves these. This is the first thing I let him watch and I have never seen him to intrigued by the TV before.He was pointing at things and smiling.

My daughter loved most of the baby einstein dvds and it was great to have something to occupy her for 20 mins or so. She even learned things from them!