LeapFrog Leapster Game Learning System

LeapFrog Leapster Game Learning System

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My nephew loves this and my daughter picks up things from it and she's two. Great toy!

Learning and fun All 4 of my children love this. Ages 2 -10 they all play on it. Gives me comfort knowing they are having fun, but also learning.

Head start in Reading I really appreciate Leapfrog. They helped all of my children get a head start into reading and video games. I appreciate the games (various) that you can buy to go with them. It gives them variety and keeps it from becoming mundane and feeling like a chore. I trick them into thinking they are playing games but in reality they are learning and having fun. So thanks Leapfrog you were a salvation for me and other parents I'm sure.

I bought this for my now 12 year year old when he was 4. He played it for about four years then when his younger brother was old enough it became his. This handheld gaming system is a great starter game for kids. The learn so much and even parents enjoy playing. Well, at least we did! We have since upgraded to the leappad explorer and the leapster gs. My youngest is 7 now and he loves his leapfrog "gaming devices" as he calls them.

My kids loves their Leapster and I love that they are learning while having fun!

I have use the leapfrog game system for all 3 of my girls. my girls had learn so much from this. I would recommend it to all of my friends and family

Best first video game system and it is learning games. I used this with my first two and it is waiting for my little to use soon.

This was my sons first gaming system, and he loved it, and I love how he has to use his brain power to use it. I plan on getting my daughter one too.

My daughter loves her Leapster and I love that she is learning while having fun!

Really great for wind down time. Bed time is most often for about 1/2 before sleeping.

I love this thing. I have a 3 year old that can spend a long time on here, totally entertained, for a GREAT purpose. The games are strictly for learning, which makes for a guilt-free method of entertainment. Only down-side, the games are over-priced for what they are.

My grand daughter work with this product and I am well pleased with the way it improves the children learning skills.

games a bit pricy but my 5 year old love it

My son (5) loves his leapster. My daughter (2) will pick it uo and play with it too. The games are pricey, though you can catch them on sale. (Plus there has been leapster coupons on their site.) The one time we had a problem with the leapster we were able to send it in and get it fixed with only having to pay the cost of shipping. (I am not sure whether that was within a year of owning it or not.)

this system has been great for my grandchild. she has learned so much from playing this system. I am so proud to let her use this game system.