SciFi Ghost Hunters

SciFi Ghost Hunters

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I love GH and GHI...I stay up wayyyyyyyy past my bed time to watch it every week. I still like GH better than GHI because of Jason, Grant, and the gang! What happened to Andy and Brian on GHI anyway?

Love the show. My kids are hooked too. If I have to be away when it's on now, I pop in a tape so I can watch it later.

I love Ghost Hunters! I have even joined a local paranormal group. I love how they debunk something rather than just saying something is paranormal, they look for alternatives first.

I love this show! This is ghost hunting done right! Not lame and they do not use cheap equipment.

My husband and I LOVE this show! They are true to the craft of ghost hunting, and are not quick to submit something as evidence until they have looked at it many ways. Love it!

I have loved this show for years! Seeing everything that goes on during the investigations, makes me want to go there myself. But I do have to say, I miss Grant being on the show. Him & Jason made the best team & I loved how they ended every show with "On to the next". Gladly the dynamic hasn't changed without him there. & every season just keeps getting better!

I love Ghost Hunters!:) And I miss Grant, also.:(

I love this show , Unlike the other "Ghost Hunters" that seem so fake, This show seem so real! Great show, And i love how they do the halloween specials!

Great ghost hunting!!! We cannot wait for each season to start!

I've seen this show many times. I love to watch it. My 12 year old daughter also likes to see it with me.

I love this show. Wish I could go with on one of their hauntings.

Ultimate must have for all things creepy and fun What a fascinating show I'm big into paranormal stuff and this one is one of the best I've seen good scary fun very popular with my friends worth watching repeatedly you won't be sorry if you give this one a shot TV at it's best

Show is pretty interesting. These guys just bought a "haunted Inn" here in NH! Fun to watch.

I am so obbsessed with the show!! It is the ghost/reality show that i have ever liked.They try to debunk so called hauntings,they don't allways find something i love that.The founders of taps and the crew of ghost hunters seem like down to earth people.

I just wish they would really shock us for real instead of playing up the promos and then it being nothing but a spider or something.