Twizzlers Rainbow Twists

Twizzlers Rainbow Twists

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I think this product taste horrible. It's way too chewy and it has a play dough taste to it, just like a previous poster said. Not a single one of the flavors tasted any better than the others. I would never eat this again.

I did not like these, they stuck to my teeth when I ate them and the flavoring tasted cheap.

These taste horrible.

No thank you...

I don't like the flavors of any of the colors - I'm definitely an original strawberry twizzlers person , and by the taste oft these, that's probably not going to change .

These taste like play-doh!! They have a very strange aftertaste that reminds me of glue or playdoh. I am not a fan.

Tastes ok if youre desperate for something sweet. Leaves a funky aftertaste. I'll stick with the other flavors.

I did not care for these flavors at all. Even my 5 year old did not like them. Give me regular Cherry Twizlers or give me nothing.

they leave an aftertaste in the mouth which i didn't really like at all...

These are the worst flavor of Twizzlers I have tasted. What a waste of money.


These are eatable if they are the only sweet thing I can get my hands on, like last week, I could only eat the green and purple ones though, the rest were nasty.

they have a differant flavor to them. i know they aren't going to be very good when my 7 yr old takes a bite and says he doesn't want it.

We love Twizzlers! But unfortunately not these. They have a waxy taste to them. My kids like them for the colors but they never eat more than one or two out of the bag.

They have a wierd texture and leave an unpleasant aftertaste. Prefer the regular.