Twizzlers Rainbow Twists

Twizzlers Rainbow Twists

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Great My kids and I like eating this candy. It taste great and is fun to east.

The colors are fun and vibrant and children really seem attracted to this factor. However, the taste is nowhere near as good as the original twizzler.

This is an amazing product for little kids but the flavors arent amazing. Some of the flavors taste really fake but the colors are really nice.

I really like these. I am not a fan of the original twizzlers because of the taste but these offer different flavors and I like them.

Not really sure about the taste, but the kids like them. I like the colors. They are bright and fun. I like the original strawberry and cherry flavors. And thats all I will buy.

I don't like the flavors of any of the colors - I'm definitely an original strawberry twizzlers person , and by the taste oft these, that's probably not going to change .

No thank you...

I love Twizzlers. Any shape and any color.

These taste horrible.

I did not like these, they stuck to my teeth when I ate them and the flavoring tasted cheap.

I did not care for these, but my kids loved them. I would much rather have original Twizzlers. My kids, however, have asked that I buy these for when their friends come over.

I just didn't care for the taste, wasn't as good as I had thought it would be, wouldn't buy again.

I'm not to fond of some of the flavors and the fact that you would have to actually purchase the whole bag to have to set some aside...original is better

I think I tried these before but I know I prefer the original twizzlers better. When I was little my grandma went to the store she would buy the original twizzlers and give us some if we were good or if we helped her.

I didn't like these flavors. The only flavors I like is Licorice and Cherry!