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  • 2lmurdock By  2lmurdock    

    I am in love with this eyeshadow. I got it for Christmas from a friend and for a couple months I didn't use it. Because at the same time I got it, I also got Naked 2. Now I never use my naked and always use e.l.f!!!!

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  • Veronicalg By  Veronicalg    

    I love E.L.F. I use their waterproof liquid eyeliner pen everyday and i love their affordable prices. I recommend it to all my friends

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  • thehut By  thehut    

    got a bunch of them for pretty much nothing at various stores!

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  • priinceszciiara By  priinceszciiara    

    I am in love with this company and there products, I recently started testing out makeup looks for my wedding. I will be using mostly elf. The luquid eye liner is amazing, it stays in place for hours on end. the eye shadow as well. I do recommend a primer though.

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  • hfawcett By  hfawcett    

    I ordered my first products from elf about a month ago and love there eyeliners (liquid and pencil) and eyeshadow. Had a few problems with there shadows breaking during shipment but they replace them quickly. I like the liquid eyeliners better because they seem to gone on and stay on better than the pencil ones. Overall you can not beat there prices.

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  • grimdefeat09 By  grimdefeat09    

    They have great liquid liners and eye liner pens, but their eyeshadows are ehhh...The pigmentation is not the best, and they have a lot of fall out. If you wet a sponge applicator before using the shadows then they go on beautifully. Other than that, I have no problems and the color selection is wonderful!

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  • spanishwhispers By  spanishwhispers    

    I have used the liquid eyeliners for a couple of months and i like it . The products are 1 dollar what more do yoy want.

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  • justdance0723 By  justdance0723    

    I love e.l.f products they are so affordable for a college student who wants great makeup!

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  • mcarter251 By  mcarter251    

    This is seriously one of my favorite things from e.l.f.

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  • Tatiii2 By  Tatiii2    

    I love e.l.f eye shadows I have some quads and I am kind of obsessed... the only bad thing is that in the only store I can get e.l.f stuff have an horrible selection... I wish they have stuff from their studio line that I cannot wait to try!!

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  • bethbr00tality By  bethbr00tality    

    I LOVE the waterproof liquid eyeliner pen! It's my everyday eyeliner and I keep it stocked and backstocked in my house (and in my travel bag). It's only $1! I am also in love with the Eye Brightening Shadow quads! They're fantastic. The colors are beautiful, pigmented and easy to use / blend. I recommend using a primer with them. Also, the triangles aren't brush friendly, but you get plenty to work with for $1! I recommend these products to friends, buy them for friends, and even give them away on my Youtube channel!

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  • Maddiehb By  Maddiehb    

    I love e.l.f.! The eyeliner glides on so easily, and stays on. I got the coffee colored, and unlike other browns, it doesn't take a lot to look good. I also like the eye shadow colors, they're very bright.

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  • radar525 By  radar525    

    I love the e.l.f. quad shadows and the mineral eye liners. Their main eyeliners are a bit hard for me, but the mineral ones go on so smoothly. I see in earlier posts that people would like samples, but e.l.f. doesn't do samples unfortunately. But for a dollar at your local Target or Kmart, grab a product and try it. Some are better than others. The little pots for the custom kits work can fade earlier than other products, but when you use a primer they work just as well as more expensive lines. Even if you don't like the products, you can get a few in colors that you have always wanted to try but didn't want to spend the money on in case they don't work out.

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  • smritimehta By  smritimehta    

    I have ELF highlighting eyeshadow in "Ivy" and pencil eyeliner in black. I don't use eyeshadow much I but I love this eyeshadow..it's not too shimmery...not too matte...just perfect...and the color really enhances out my brown eyes. The eyeliner is alright, I would've preferred if it was more dark .

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  • Tasha326 By  Tasha326    

    i love elf!

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