L'Oreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes Mascara

L'Oreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes Mascara

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I really like this mascara- lashes are full-uses fibers. Does not have a "natural" look but that is not important to me. I like this because it comes off with warm water-no makeup remover needed-takes a little longer to remove, but again I don't have to pay for the eye makeup remover. Would probably not be good for people with contacts.

It s a gorgeous product !I canceled the appointment to the beautician for the false lashes :) I m really greatful and don't forget: it helps u to save money !!

I love it . I been using it for 2 year. I just love how my lashes look :)

This is literally HG HG HG!! Whenever i wear this mascara people are constantly commenting on how long, full and gorgeous my eyelashes are! The best part is how easy it is to take off. There's no smudging, no flaking, no raccoon eyes. Just get your eyes wet with a wet washcloth or in the shower or splash water on them till they're nice and soaked, and then watch the mascara literally slide off your eyes. My eyelashes feel so much healthier since I'm not rubbing them. And I love that there's basically no residue when you're done removing it. And hello false lashes!! All-time favorite mascara!

This is my holy grail mascara. I have very sensitive eyes and loathe eye makeup that requires make-up remover to remove. If it doesn't come off with soap and warm water, it's out. Every other mascara I've ever tried leaves dark smears under my eyes even after I wash my face. I then have to rub it them off...not good on a daily basis for my 34 year old eyes which are beginning to show some fine lines. This stuff is nearly waterproof--it can hold up to light rain and a few tears, but with warm water and soap it slides right off of your eyelashes in a few clumps that wash down the drain. No residue under my eyes. Yay! I'll never buy another brand.

This really does give you that false lash effect. The tubes are long and don't fall off throughout the day. Love it!

I love this mascara ..... :)

this mascara does everything it promises! I love that it stays on and then washes right off with water. It lasts forever and its also buildable if you need that. I love this mascara.. a staple in my makeup bag.

I LOVE THIS MASCARA!!! LOVE IT! It totally does what everyone else says - it makes your lashes look long AND full - it STAYS on until you take it off with warm water (or even coolish water) - it's totally affordable - my lashes feel healthy - it's just the best mascara I've ever used. But here is another strange benefit to it - I'm an eye rubber, when I get tired I dig the palms of my hands into my eyes and rub rub rub which is bad bad bad - I've even had my hand slapped by my mom for this - I'm a grown woman and she is slapping my hand. There is something about the stiffness of my lashes with this mascara that makes me stop right away. You don't feel the stiffness when you are wearing it - just when you try to rub at it when it's not wet. I know it's crazy - I really like that this mascara has helped me stop a habit that was bad for my eyes.

I love this mascara. It stays in place and the primer makes my lashes POP. I have never had an issue covering the primer (white part), I think it's a matter of how it's applied and making sure you pay close attention to coverage. This goes down as one of my fave drugstore brands of mascara, though I have to admit I generally wear the stuff from Sephora.

I love this mascara and found that a primer before mascara application is a big plus. I never thought about conditioning my lashes like I do my hair, but it only makes sense. This is a great product and the price is fair. I like all L'Oreal products.

I have tried so many mascaras, but no more! I love this mascara, never smudges or flakes, lasts all day! and comes off easily with warm water! I have recommended this mascara to anyone who will listen!!!

I love this product. It really makes your lashes look longer & they don't clump together. I like the other end of the tube too that (to me) gives your lashes a glittery effect that makes them sparkle a bit.

This is by far the best mascara I have ever used. It goes on easily and evenly, dries quickly and gives a great lengthening effect to your lashes. The best part? NO smudges, flakes or runs! This mascara stays in place until you WANT it to come off... and then all it takes is a bit of warm water, and the 'tubes' slide right off. No mess, no fuss, just great mascara that wears perfectly all day long. I won't use anything else.

I hated the black marks that would still be left over on my face after I took a shower with my old mascara. This mascara is extremely simple to remove and gives great length as well! I have not had the runny mascara problem since I switched :)