Betty Crocker Warm Delight Minis Molten Chocolate Cake

Betty Crocker Warm Delight Minis Molten Chocolate Cake

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WOW I love THESE !!!!!!!!! My store stopped caring this hidden snack gem. THey are so so good if you time just right and so fast to make! Plus they are not very high calorie and come in individual portion controlled just the right size to indulge containers. So rich!

These cakes are great. I love chocolate it is one of my favorite things. These are great when I want chocolate that's not candy

Great! They're so rich and creamy. I can't even tell they're diet lol. Yummmmmy.

Worth trying These are a bit strange to use for the first time, but are pretty good if you follow the instructions. Don't expect restaurant quality molten chocolate cake but if you are looking for a fluffy chocolate fix, it's a great option. Make sure you follow the ingredient quantities to the letter because adding to much water makes the cake spongy and not the best.

These are a delicious just right size dessert or snack

These are surprisingly good for microwavable cakes. The chocolate is rich enough to satisfy any craving and there is a nice variety of flavors. You really need to shop on sale or use coupons though as these get pricey. Also, the calories are high for small portions so you might be tempted to eat two. Nice, satisfying, quick snack or dessert.

These were quite good but not enough bang for your buck. They are small and don't contain a lot of the product. Maybe great for a child for a quick dessert.

This is perfect for those lazy days when you want a dessert without the hassle. They aren't amazing in taste and definitely can't compare to the real versions. However, they don't taste bad either. It's easy to make and fast. The con is that they are pricey for how small the container is.

These cakes are amazing! Im a die hard chocolate fan and these never last long in my house. Look for coupons, and shop at walmart for best prices. Never overcook when top looks dry its done. Top it off with some ice cream for a decadent delicious treat. You will not be dissapointed!

I've been craving chocolate, and these little minis are always the perfect answer!

I always buy these when they're on sale. They are beyond delicious and very flavorful!!

love these. they are quick to make and just enough to satisfy a sweet tooth!

These are great. Perfect portion size and yummy. I shared some with my husband and he loves them.

It tastes like you'd expect a cake from the microwave to taste. It's dry, the flavor is very plain, and the fudge is just strange.

I actually really liked these and was quite surprised at how good they were when I first tried them.