Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Puff Eye Roller

Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Puff Eye Roller

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Perfect base for delicate under eye skin I get so many compliments on this under eye treatment! I love that it's good for my delicate under eye skin and I can dab a bit of foundation over it and it blends in perfectly. This is definitely a best buy and on my top 5 list!

Great! So easy to use and helps me with my saggy eyes every morning! I will continue buying it and I will recommend to everyone who wants a quality product that will help their skin t to be glowing and healthy!

I found that it worked well for me. It was easy to apply and even felt good applying it. It smelled good as well I love Garnier products

It helped reduce my puffiness under my eyes a bit but I expected more. I will use it again though becasue I like the cool feeling of the rollerball part and I don't give up on a product after just trying it one time.

Lifesaver This product is perfect for puffy eyes. Really helps to de-puff and with continue use the dark circles look less noticeable.

Depends on skin type! It's an amazing feeling once you put it on, bur it doesn't do much, like any other eye cream.

Helps under-eye circles Works well in the morning, great after little sleep.

I wanted to love it. The Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Puff Eye Roller was something that I really wanted to love. It does feel good and cool on the under eyes meaning it can depuff them, but it really isn't an immediate result.

Didn't do anything I did not see any improvement after using this. You could do the same thing with your fingers as the roller, just press lightly under eyes.

Not Great This item is cost friendly but I don't think the quality is great. It does cool your eyes but it can really irritate them, as far as a difference I have not noticed anything after using for a couple months.

Maybe I need to get the other garnier roller that helps with both puffiness and darkness under eyes, but I didn't notice much difference/ improvement using this product. I don't have really bad puffiness either

It is ok I enjoyed the feeling of the cool metal under my eyes in the morning. However, I did not see much of a difference after using it.

Great stuff! Used this product and works very well to take away bags and puffiness under eyes. Bought this product at leadership 5 times.

Don't waste your money Didn't do a thing for me! I like Garnier products but not this one.

Amazing beauty product!!! Works beautifully and is nice and light. The price of this one isn't that bad. It rolls on nice and easy. The product will last you for a good while because you don't have to put on a lot of it.