Angel's Eyes  Dog & Cat Tear Stain Remover

Angel's Eyes Dog & Cat Tear Stain Remover

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Although I have never personally used this product, I have never heard a bad word about it. I belong to a couple of online rescue groups and have heard many positive comments about Angel's Eyes.

This works great! My havanese had weird red/pink tear stains and after one week his eyes were clear and stain free!

i use this on my dog and have been for quite a while. Right now I just do maintenance, 1-2x a week. I think it works great! For the woman that said her dog will not touch it. Here are some ideas. Mix it with a tablespoon or two of plain yogurt or take a slice of turkey breast and spread the Angel Eyes on it and then roll it up. You can also mix it in with peanut butter.

Worked wonderfully! did everything promised, but unfortunately, whenever we stopped using it, our dog got continous infections (still does) :( coincedence? -probably, but that was the ONLY change in our routine/etc :(

One of my Shih Tzus has bad stains around her eyes and her mouth. She's a black and white dog with a brown-stained face! I tried Angel Eyes but had a very difficult time getting her to eat her food when I added it. I eventually got through one bottle but never saw any improvement at all in the staining. I wish they made this in capsule form so I could give it a longer trial and have confidence I was getting a full dose into her.

I tried this on my Shih Tzu and no matter how I hide it she will not touch the food it is on. I just try to keep her eyes clean with a damp washcloth.