Dove Daily Moisture Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner

Dove Daily Moisture Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner

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I guest that I will be the first to not like this product. It made my hair so greasy and oil, within hour's of washing my hair with it. It did have a nice texture and scent buy would never buy it again. it is a product that is not designed for people who have oily hair.

I love the scent of dove but my hair is so thick and dry from dying it all the time it really doesn't moisturize it for me. I dyed my hair blond recently so my hair is pretty much fried ( I normally have brown hair) Dove is not one to help when I need a conditioner and shampoo to help me comb it after washing.

I love their body wash products! On the other hand these hair product are not good for curly hair at least for my curly left my hair dry, very tangled, and unmanageable. Will not buy product again, very dissatisfied! Dove should just stick with Body products.

i am using this product from more than a month but my hair fall problem still on

Don't like this product at all, makes my hair so greasy, and I have to wash inmediately with another product, For sure I will not buy this shampoo again.

This was not a good product for natural curly hair. Made hair very heavy.

This shampoo has been the worst I have ever used not to hair necessarily but to my skin, this gave me the worst allergic reaction on my skin that I have ever had. After using it twice I had dry patches on my back where my hair hit it, also it was so itchy it was just horrible. I read all the ingredients but none of them I'm allergic to and this had never happened to me with any Dove products, I use there body wash and that didn't dry me out.

Left my hair sorta greasy. (like I skipped a few days of washing it).

I do not recommend Dove for hair. I do love their soup though!

I really wanted to like this product because I like Dove soap so much, but this product failed to impress me. It actually made my hair dry & brittle. I can't recommend this product.

My hair was greasy within 2 hours of using.

gross My hair was so oily after using this! I didn't like the sticky feeling post shower

I dint like this product too..certainly not for oily hair...makes your hair more oily within two days of useage.

I have sensative skin and this made mine break out bad. It smells lovely and lathers great but I cant use it.

Like the previous user I have sensitive skin. I bought this product about a month ago because it was on sale and I had a coupon and I love Dove. But it made my back break out almost immediately. Dove's products usually work very well with me but not this one.