McDonald's French Fries

McDonald's French Fries

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I'll have to say McDonald's fries are some of my favorite fries. They are especially top notch when they are fresh and hot, but once they start to get cold, they aren't that great.

DELICIOUS These are the freshest, crispiest , French fries I have ever had. They also have just the right amount of salt.

Good on Good days Good when they have the right amount of salt and they are fresh. They are my fave if I get them on a good day being fresh and having salt.

So Good, So Bad How can something that tastes so good be so bad for you? McDonald's french fries are my favorite kind of fries. Sorry curly, move out of the way wrinkly, bye-bye wedges. The McDonald french fry is the most delicious kind of fry. An overload of salty, greasy, golden goodness that's just so bad for you but tastes way too good to give up. 5/5 stars.

The best Just the best and crunchiest french fries of the world

My one and only I mean what can I say? Mcdonald's fries are the only time I order fries at any fast food place. I wish they hadn't stopped putting salt on them but I just order extra salt packets and all is well with the world lol

Arby's curly fries are Way better mcdonalds fries shine like a pebble among diamonds, theyre only good while drunk or fresh but as soon as it hits a 30 min mark boom straight to the trash

Best Fries Ever! Always the best fries! I don't think other places can compare. The crisp first bite of a hot fry with that touch of salt is the best part of any day.

McDonald's Fries Best fries you can ever get! They can't be beat . Add salt even better or dip in ranch dressing.

I'm Lovin It McDonald's fries have a distinct taste from the other fast food fries. They are delicious if cooked properly and salted appropriately. Yum!

Fries I love mcdonalds French fries! As long as there cooked right an not to crispy. Also as long as there is not alot of salt on them. Sometimes the person cooking puts way to much salt.

great ones I love McDonald's French fries! I like that they are crispy just how I like them and that they're well seasoned too. I like the amount of salt present on them. I like the size of each individual one of them.

Does not decompose. I find it super concerning that you can loose one of these fries under your car seat and find it a year later and it is still in the same condition. Fried in animal fat

Not the same as before Before they changed their recipe they had the best french fries but now, you have to get the fresh and hot out of the fryer. If you don't they are terrible.

McDonald's french fries are the gold standard if you are lucky enough to get them fresh. Mostly, I get fries that are cool, greasy and pasted with salt. There must be some secret method to get them perfect.