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  • Jessnicole By  Jessnicole    


    I have tried this product and it smells really good and it cleans your hair pretty good but I don't like the conditioner because I can never seem to rinse it out of my hair no matter how hard I try I thinks is because it's too thick but mixing in water doesn't seem to help either and another thing I don't like is that this brand tests on animals

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  • iheartb By  iheartb    

    This is a great product. I love how its sulfate-free. I have always used a dry scalp shampoo but the beauty consultant at Walgreens suggested I try this. I can't believe how well it works. I only use a dry scalp shampoo once a week now. This shampoo is amazing. I use it and the leave-in cream with it and after I blow dry my hair I no longer need to use a straightener!

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