iRobot Roomba 530 Vacuum Cleaning Robot

iRobot Roomba 530 Vacuum Cleaning Robot

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Would like to try this in my home! I have wood flooring and 4 kiddos - I'm always sweeping!

Cool little gadget that actually vacuumed cleanS

This is a neat vacuum, advertised to save you time, but I was so intent on watching it do it's work that is actually wastes my time! All-in-all, it works well. You can program it to start on it's own each day at a certain time. It works best if you confine it to one room or a smaller area. We have a very open floor plan where the family room, living room, dining room and kitchen are all open to each other. I found this are too large for the roomba to cover. The dust bin is very small on it and when used on a new wool rug (which sheds) it needed to be emptied very often. The very low profile allows it go works its way under the couch and under low tables and other furniture. It can also be programmed to just do a quick spot clean. While I still use my regular vac (a Dyson Animal), the roomba is a great little addition to keeping the floors clean!

I did a lot of research on this before I bought it. It really does a great job! I recommend it to everyone. It does carpet and hard floors. The Roomba keeps the dust down in the house very well which helps with our allergies and my son's asthma. The brushes can be tricky to remove hair (ours and pets) from but it's well worth the effort.

all in all it just didn't work long enough or like it should have. we used it for a very short period of time and when we used it, it did an okay job. we are a busy family that lives in their house so maybe this would be perfect for someone with aa different living situation but for us right now, this is/was not the vaccuum and we basically wasted our money. live and learn.....

This impressive little gadget cleans the floor behind my back! I love it! I have seven toy dogs, although small they still shed plenty. At first, I was concerned they would chase the Roomba and maybe bite at it, like they sometimes do with the regular vacuum. But no. They don't seem to even notice it as it goes about its cleaning business. I am continually amazed at the amount of hair and dirt I empty from it. The only semi downside is that I thought it was rather pricey. Overall though, I would heartily recommend it, expecially if you have pets!