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Great I got these monthly gifts and loved every one of them, each piece is based on what I like. I would still be getting them today but I had to budget my money and it was $15 a month and that adds up. One of these days I may pick my subscription up again, but until then I will continue to enjoy the products I got from them.

BUYYYY for $10 a month. you get to try products you never heard of before. you get a chance to talk with other people and see what they think about whatever product that you received in your bag. so to me, I believe that you get more value for $10 than any other subscription you would subscribe to. There are subscriptions that are $20 $30 35 and Up. You also learn from other subscribers how to apply makeup from beginners level to professional.

All free sample size For the price its not bad but I found that I kept repeatedly getting items I wasn't interested in and I hardly ever got a full size product unless it was a makeup brush that I specified I didn't want. After a year I went to boxycharm for $10 more a month for all full size products.

I'm a big fan of Ipsy. For $10 and some change you get a cute little bag and 4-5 products. You can personalize the shades and products you'll receive

Love love love!!! I'm never disappointed with the products I receive.

Bad experience I was so excited to get Ipsy. I wanted to be able to test out products that I couldn't afford to buy just to find out I didn't like them. For $10 you get 4-5 product samples with an ipsy bag each month. But after receiving my first few bags I was highly disappointed. The things they sent were far off from the account they have you fill out to find out your preferences. I went back in to make sure I had the products I wanted selected and not selected for things I didn't want to try. But month after month I would get things I didn't want like nail polish or lip gloss. Other people were getting eye shadows and eyeliners but I continued to get those other things even after contacting Ipsy. I also got products that were damaged and multiples of items over the time I had Ipsy. I eventually cancelled. I think other subscription boxes that are a little more expensive are better and worth the extra money.

great subscription I really liked Ipsy..the products are great and I always loved getting a new and different make up bag each month..the only downside is things started piling up and I had to suspend service because I had so much stuff..but it is worth the monthly price..I would highly recommend this subscription.

Ipsy girl for life I LOVE IPSY!! It's honestly my fav mailer! I've personally never had in issue with them in my 4 years of having the subscription. If something comes damaged or not at all they have always been very quick to rectify the issue.

My fav subscription box! I signed up for ipsy back in July; I figured I would try it once and see if I liked it. Well, I definitely liked it... I LOVE it. Your subscription is only $10, and it comes with 5 samples based on your skin tone/what you'd prefer to receive, and it has free shipping. Out of all of the products I received, I don't use one of them because it was a liquid lipstick that was too light for me. However, with 5 name-brand products for only $10, it's a great deal! And by name-brand, I mean Tarte, First Aid Beauty, Nomad Cosmetics, OFRA Cosmetics, and MUCH more.

ipsy is a very unique way to receive beauty products each month for only 10 dollars . its like opening up a Christmas present each month.

As a Make up Dork, This is one of my favorite subscriptions. I love the little bags they come with and each month I get Products that are well worth the $10 bucks a month.

Love Ips. This is the best deal around anywear, and there is always at least one full size product that would cost more than $10 on its own. #ILovsIpsy

LOVE LOVE LOVE! I have been a valued customer for almost a year and I have never received anything I didn't like. I do however share sometimes and give an item or two to my teen daughter. As of earlier this week I purchased her, her very own subscription. They are very friendly and quick to reply to emails when I've had questions. Great company! Great samples! Cute bags! Best deal around. :)

I love ipsy! I switched from birchbox after I kept receving lotion samples and wanted to try more makeup. They send the same 4-5 beauty - mostly full size or a generous deluxe size. This upcoming March is great - full size lipstick, deluxe eye shadows, a facial cleanser, hair oil and a concealer. I can't wait. I like the themes and love the bags that come with it. I used them to organize my makeups and pack for vacations. The community with ipsy is a little funny, more catty than birchbox was but it is not required to participate. I do recommend ipsy over others.

Like that for $10 a month I get to try new and different products. I have discovered a lot of favorites through Ipsy.