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  • rel324 By  rel324    

    Great deal

    I love using this brush to powder under my eyes after I apply concealer. It also works well as a blush brush. Super soft, and cheap!

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  • AWepas By  AWepas    

    I would recommend evert elf brush in the studio line. This is a great brush for anything you need to do on your face!!

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  • Nabiyazaki By  Nabiyazaki    

    PERFECT for setting undereyes. I love it it's so cheap

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  • JShields2432 By  JShields2432    

    Elf did a great job with this one, soft and does the job at such a cheap price!

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  • Pearlypearl By  Pearlypearl    

    I seriously love this brush with all my heart, it reminds me of a MAC brush i once had, minus the fact that I'm sure i paid 3$ for this one VS 30$ for the MAC one lol

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  • Ljbgky By  Ljbgky    

    I love ELF brushes the quality far exceeds the price.

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  • Paradiscal By  Paradiscal    

    Elf brushes are great! This is great for as an all over setting powder brush!

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  • Juliann79 By  Juliann79    

    great value... great brush

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  • puttchen By  puttchen    

    ELF brushes are of very good quality for very good prices. You just can beat them! Some of my favorite brushes are by ELF. I have brush sets and singles and they have all lasted my for years.

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  • arelyjrosario By  arelyjrosario    

    I love their brushes.

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  • GiveMeSex By  GiveMeSex    

    Although I am still fairly new to Elf cosmetics, so far i have some brushes and the tone correcting concealers. They are great products and so affordable. I can't wait to try some of their other affordable product! And It's great that you can find them at drugstores.

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  • iridiana_xoxo By  iridiana_xoxo    

    Recommend it .

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  • Kerr61 By  Kerr61    

    Elf brushes are great and long lasting.

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  • onenac By  onenac    

    great product nice price

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  • MariaBB By  MariaBB    

    perfect value....quality for the price.

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