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  • MmeIszler By  MmeIszler    


    The only Kabuki brush that I've needed (or that I've tried) and it really helps blend out the harshest of lines. This fluffy brush is perfect to handle and offers a great blend!

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  • melindajoy By  melindajoy    

    its affordable and works really well to powder the face!

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  • mallgirl By  mallgirl    

    Great for makeup application

    I love the feel of this brush, I have great control and coverage when applying powder on my face. I prefer this to long handled brushes when applying makeup.

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  • destinyrose By  destinyrose    

    Amazing brush! Very soft and minimal to no shedding. Perfect for applying any face powders, blushes, contour and bronzer! Great price and definitely my favorite go-to brush

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  • ToriCruz18 By  ToriCruz18    

    Picky with my Brushes

    I personally don't like spending all my money on brushes, when I could use it on product. When I came across this kabuki at Walgreen's and fell in love. I was glad I found a brush that didn't break my bank. And WORKS!!!

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  • mindyg By  mindyg    


    You would think that because his kabuki brush is so cheap that it wouldn't work well, but I was very surprised. Brush applies make up evenly, and when you clean your brushes frequently like you are suppose to the bristles don't fall off, and your skin stays clean. Lasts for a long time when treated well.

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  • mistress4paws By  mistress4paws    

    ELF brush

    I was a little skeptical about this ELF brush working like a more expensive brush, but the 1st time I used it all those doubts were pushed aside. The ELF brush works awesome if not better than a few of my more expensive ones..

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  • cjwalk06 By  cjwalk06    

    I bought this awhile ago. It's ok. Doesn't really pick up my bronzer highlighter that well. bristles are soft and I like the reasonable price.

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  • Nabiyazaki By  Nabiyazaki    

    I love this brush. I use it for all over face powder. It's so soft

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  • Mishmishyayaya By  Mishmishyayaya    

    Of course this is not as dense as a high end brush, but I use mine every day to blend out my contour! Very affordable.

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  • ceespeaks By  ceespeaks    

    Wonderful product for applying loose powder or bronzer. You can also blend in a solid earth tone blush for a natural look. ELF products are also cruelty-free which is really awesome!

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  • dmp515 By  dmp515    

    This is a great little brush! I use this everyday and need to get another. Works as well as any expensive brush I have purchased!!

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  • Miriam15 By  Miriam15    

    I have purchased this brush before. Does not last long though. But for the price the quality is there.

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  • Sindy85 By  Sindy85    

    e.l.f. is the only brushes I use for my foundation, bronze, blush

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  • awperez By  awperez    

    I love elf cosmetics. The brush is so soft and durable. I would buy it over and over.

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