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  • AWepas By  AWepas    

    Love all elf brushes. Don't feel cheap and wash well. I use this for bronzer, a soft contour, and powder.

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  • Nabiyazaki By  Nabiyazaki    

    I use is as my blush brush and I love it. It's only $6

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  • ashleysantana By  ashleysantana    

    I love this brush, I use it to apply my bronzer! It was very inexpensive but works just as good as any of the expensive brushes out there.

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  • tracybpittman By  tracybpittman    

    Love this brush. I have been using every day for a couple of months. I use it to apply setting powder.

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  • Anaclaudia By  Anaclaudia    

    Great product I recommend I use this as a powder or a blush brush it's very cheep and he works amazing

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  • Erickaaa By  Erickaaa    

    I love this brush I use it to contour my face and trust me when I say its a great brush!! (:

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  • MrsRawr By  MrsRawr    

    I about cried when I had to toss my expensive name brand brushes out, thinking I could NEVER afford to replace them. I was told to try ELF (I already used most of their makeup) and decided for the low cost it was well worth a shot and I have to admit had I have found these first I never would have bought the expensive ones to begin with.

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  • Magickandie By  Magickandie    

    I love this brush. It is soft and light on the face and I absolutely love the price. $2.00 at Wal-Mart? Yes Please!

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  • puttchen By  puttchen    

    I really like this brush for powder. It's big and fluffy. Also washes up nice. ELF is a fantastic brand and carries many wonderful products. Their brushes are one of these products. I have sets and singles and they have all lasted me for years. Great prices and very good quality.

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  • RosyTheUnicorn By  RosyTheUnicorn    

    As with all of the ELF studio brushes, you get some serious bang for your buck. It's hard to beat the quality for a whopping three dollars, but as a few others have mentioned, it's probably not going to last you as long as a more expensive brush. It's just as soft and fluffy, however, and absolutely worth a try.

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  • CoffeeAndCosmetics By  CoffeeAndCosmetics    

    As with most of ELF'S makeup brushes they are very affordable and of great quality. I use this brush for powders and it works great.

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  • savingprivatekelly By  savingprivatekelly    

    This brush wasn't that great for me. The bristles fell out easily and it fell apart.

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  • Kdaj1310 By  Kdaj1310    

    Very soft brush!! I use it for setting my foundation with a powder! Makes it very easy to apply!

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  • Itsnina By  Itsnina    

    I use this bush for applying powder after foundation and it works great! You will not be able to find a brush with the same quality for the price of it. One of a great beauty steal!

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  • onenac By  onenac    

    great for powder and use every day and take with you on the purse

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