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  • adrianagg13 By  adrianagg13    

    I really enjoy using this product but my only con is that it doesn't come with a lot of product which is understandable for the price. It gives a nice shine and a subtle tint. Its a great moisturizer and i love it!

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  • karalynn714 By  karalynn714    

    I found it to smell and taste really good but it was somewhat of a greasy feel.

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  • priinceszciiara By  priinceszciiara    

    i love wearing this everyday, makes my lips feel ammazing.

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  • vanessa722 By  vanessa722    

    I love this one for ELF, so inexpensive, and creamy, really good for your lips1

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  • chelsaerose By  chelsaerose    

    Love the orange creme! Great product at an even better price! I always love ELF products and recommend them to all!

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  • acristescu By  acristescu    

    Cant beat the price, almost makes your lips feel wet. Tastes good and looks very shiny for not being gloss.

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  • almabunny By  almabunny    

    I heard such good reviews about this and so when I saw this in Target and saw that it was the last one I snatched it up as soon as I could. The one I bought was the strawberry flavored one. One thing I have to say is how yummy it smelt. Reminded me of one of my favorite candies. How I made most use of this is I would put it on at night and when i would wake up my lips would be nice and soft and fuller than ever. What I hated about this product was that it took forever to sink into your lips... so you'd have a a greasy whiteish film on your lips and that's definitely not a good look... Thus why I put it on at night when my boyfriend isn't sleeping over. It's really slippery and it's not sheer like other lip balms. Pros: Flavors, Smell, Price, Easy to Find, Cons: Texture, Absorbing Time, May Not Work for Everyone. Even though it seems as though the cons outweigh the pros I still like the product and now that I think about it I should reach for it more. Right now it's just sitting in my lip products drawer.

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  • BDieckmann By  BDieckmann    

    Absolutely wonderful!!! You are missing out if you havent tried this lip balm!

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  • MINDEE926 By  MINDEE926    

    I love this lip balm. I can see why people say that it is greasy, so I like to use it at night right before bed. It keeps my lips smooth, soft and hydrated the next day so that I do not even need lip balm. I have tried it in both strawberry and orange cream and I think both of the flavors are pretty good tasting. I love that it does not have a minty tingle like a lot of other lip balms have been doing recently. Since they are only a dollar and I find myself buying these in bulk because I want to make sure I always have one handy. I would give it a 5 if it was a tinted balm that gave more pigment. They appear kind of light on the lips and I have a darker complexion and sometimes it just looks a little unnatural.

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  • CloudNa By  CloudNa    

    Not my favorite lip balm, but it definitely keeps my lips soft. I don't like how it feels kind of greasy but I can't really complain since it's only $1.

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  • dudsi17 By  dudsi17    

    Creamy. Moisturizing. Compact. Nice scents. LOVE IT!!!

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  • mcarter251 By  mcarter251    

    Initially when I purchased this product, I got only one. After using it the first time...I ordered 8 more all in vanilla. They do come in other flavors but vanilla is my flavor of choice. It keeps my lips soft, hydrated and has a nice shine to it.

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