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  • Darlalynn83 By  Darlalynn83    

    Great product at an excellent price!

    What's best about any E.L.F product is that they are very affordable and anyone can use them. They are great quality and a low price. The lipstick goes on smooth and lasts a really long time without drying my lips out. Their products are all super pigmented and look absolutely beautiful. I love E.L.F and plan on updating my makeup collection to have more in the near future.

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  • dazlphoto By  dazlphoto    

    I love E.L.F. products. So affordable and I really love the product. 95% of my cosmetics are this brand!

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  • binabean By  binabean    

    I love this moisturizing lipstick. It can easily be mixed with other lip products to achieve whatever color you want. The price can't be beat either

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  • tracyesh By  tracyesh    

    The e.l.f. Essential Lipstick is great. It goes on smoothly and leaves your lips soft. The colors in the lipsticks are very pigmented and long lasting. You can't beat the price. You can find these at Target (I'm not sure where else), but I usually order online. I highly recommend this product!

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  • Pearlypearl By  Pearlypearl    

    The famous 1$ lipstick. This was actually my first product that i bought from ELF. And i have to say that I now have all the colors because they are soo pigmented and moisturizing , most lipsticks dry up to fast but these are perfect they last a good few hours and literally are sooooo pigmented did i mention they are pigmented ? lol

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  • jojointn By  jojointn    

    The price is good but not a fan.

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  • Explorer52 By  Explorer52    

    The product is good for its price. Application is smooth, not drying. Staying power is good. Perfect for those recently venturing into makeup and want to experiment with lipstick colors.

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  • rocknrollprincess22 By  rocknrollprincess22    

    Great price great product

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  • MsBianca76 By  MsBianca76    

    Elf lipstick is great for on the go beauty I love that I can find this lipstick at any discount or pharmacy store and I love the variety of colors. I currently am using one called prailine nad it gorguzz for the Fall you can seem e wearing it in my youtube video.

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  • Kristymc86 By  Kristymc86    

    Great product for the price. Goes on great.

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  • Janee13 By  Janee13    

    What's best abou E.L.F is that they're pretty are very affordable and they're quality is amazing. I really love this lipstick, it goes on easily and it makes my lips pop out. The colors are very pigmented as well.

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  • luvly87 By  luvly87    

    very inexpensive and good quality makeup. I have this in a pink shade (forgot the name of it) and it's really good. goes on smoothly and long lasting. Only $1, for that price, its a steal!

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  • rivasmom By  rivasmom    

    great for a younge girl

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  • heyybrittany By  heyybrittany    

    Although not readily available in many stores where I live, I love this product. I'm not one to usually wear lip stick due to the color fading so quickly and it doesn't hydrate your lips like a lip balm would. This product on the other hand leaves lips smooth and soft. It's cheap and the online store has all colors that can be shipped right to your home.

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  • IvyCross By  IvyCross    

    The E.L.F Essential lipstick is a huge go to lipstick for me. It last long, its pretty hydrating, and the colors are rather pigmented. Its something I buy often and its really cheap for about only one dollar. The only thing I can think is wrong with it is trying to find the color's in stores.

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