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  • Michelleperez By  Michelleperez    

    Sensitive skin

    The product is pretty but I don't see the same product for people who has sensitive skin. I have extra dry skin , I see the makeup has no preference to skin types

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  • JShields2432 By  JShields2432    

    Eh, this wasnt one of my favorite purchases from elf. this was a little too shimmery for a contour.

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  • sbushnick By  sbushnick    

    What an amazing deal! I love the color of this bronzer. It's probably my favorite bronzer I have used. Blends well, good for contouring. I like the blush too, but the bronzer is my favorite of the two. And you can't beat the price!

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  • dearsydneyy By  dearsydneyy    

    I love this product! The packaging is very similar to the Nars blush/contour kits. I do not own the Nars but I do own this and I find it very useful to warm up the face! I own the matte own and I lalalalalove it. I use it like every other day and for the price, you probably couldn't get any better than this.

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  • yntran1 By  yntran1    

    This is not that pigmented. The textures are not that smooth and therefore does not glide evenly upon application. So the resulting application doesn't look good. Elf is a great brand/quality at its price to play around with and get use to makeup.

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  • leximaxine By  leximaxine    

    This would be one of my fave blush/bronzer duos if it weren't for the lack of shade selection & the glitter. I wish there were more matte shades. More shades in general! However, for what it is, this product is great for warmer skin tones. Very pretty.

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  • arelyjrosario By  arelyjrosario    

    It's amazing. The cheaper version of Nars "Orgasm".

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  • mixed75 By  mixed75    

    This is a good product for a good price. You just have to know how to blend it in well.

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  • expertmommy90 By  expertmommy90    

    My first impression on this product was great this is not creamy and it definitely good coverage. The blush is awesome and its very pigmented. It's ideal to all skin types. AND IT LAST ALL DAY in your cheeks.

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  • solisivette9 By  solisivette9    

    Works very well and is convenient for a cheap price. As long as you know how to blend the colors should look fine just on about anyone.

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  • aimaria1 By  aimaria1    

    I have these in all colors and even the cream forms and none of them disappointed me. I wish they would come out with different colors.

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  • laurenjill05 By  laurenjill05    

    This is a great value. both the blush and the bronzer have good pigmentation. I only wish the blush was matte but it is still pretty.

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  • BeautyForTheMasses By  BeautyForTheMasses    

    I have this set in St. Lucia and for the price you really can not go wrong... It has great pigmentation, the colors are beautiful on the skin, and they are vegan and cruelty free!!

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  • BronzedSouthernBeauty By  BronzedSouthernBeauty    

    I used the original shade for years and have just recently purchased the duo in Antigua and it is my absolute favorite duo. It is perfectly pigmented without being too much and is the perfect baby doll pink!

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  • rocknrollprincess22 By  rocknrollprincess22    

    My go to bronzer for contouring!! I love this product

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