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  • MadridBeautyxo By  MadridBeautyxo    

    Who would have thought such an inexpensive product would be this great!? This blush is so pretty it is great for an everyday makeup look, and it gives the skin that natural glow! I LOVE THIS!

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  • gabymarie By  gabymarie    

    Best blush ever im absolutely obsessed!

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  • Orlena123 By  Orlena123    

    I absolutely love E.L.F. Products....this one rocks!

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  • FloridaGators16 By  FloridaGators16    

    It was one dollar! Cant complain too much. Gave a nice cute glow. Love this!

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  • steviemae By  steviemae    

    Only one dollar! Can't go wrong with that. I think it is simply adorable.

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  • Oparaa By  Oparaa    

    I LOVE COY AND GLOW!!!!!! best highlighters for my skin tone.

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  • beenlovinmusic4ever By  beenlovinmusic4ever    

    an adorable blush that works great! the only downfall is that its sooo small but it was only one dollar!

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  • kclark37 By  kclark37    

    Love this product! Everything about it is great!!!

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  • cgd8602 By  cgd8602    

    For the $1 I spent on it, this is amazing. I have the colors Shy and Innocence. Innocence is extremely too light for my complexion so I use it as a highlighter. I use Shy when I am anemic. It really adds a natural pink glow to my face. I like the cute slide out packaging too.

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