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  • Aysia94 By  Aysia94    

    You can't beat a highlighter for $1! These sticks give me so much life! I have mine in the color persimmon and it is literally my everyday staple. Glides on easily and you can blend with your finger or a flat blending brush. Did I mention the smell? It smells like heaven and it actually tastes pretty good too, lol. You can also apply to lips. I mostly use it as a highlighter for my nose, eyes, chin and for head. If you're on a budget then you definitely want to try this. We all know highlighters can go from $5-$30 real quick!

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  • yntran1 By  yntran1    

    Goes on kind of cakey. If you have imperfect skin like mine (bumpy-is; i'm very lucky, i know) then your bumps will be made even more apparent since you're piling a layer of cream onto it. Yes I know the blend blend blend stuff, but this stuff is hard to blend, which is typical of cream because of the thick texture. It's very hard to achieve a natural look. If you're lucky and have great, silky smooth skin, this might look great on you. The color is alright - a muted, duller pink that would look great on lighter skin but dirty and cakey on darker olive skin. I do think that there are better products out there.

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  • cocoaandpearls By  cocoaandpearls    

    this works as a great high lighter. I feel like the tube form is my favorite because I can use it in my foundation etc. But this is a great stick high lighter

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  • fernandezi665 By  fernandezi665    

    I really enjoy elf products and for the price u cant beat it :)

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  • adrianagg13 By  adrianagg13    

    I use it on my lips and ita gives off a beautiful shimmer and tint. I havent uses it elsewhere but I love it specifically for my lips

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  • Dhawks By  Dhawks    

    I love this as a blush or bronzer. When I use it for my eyes, it creases BAD. Even if I use an eyelid primer, it is all gone within two hours. It's not my favorite on my lips, but I will use it in a pinch. For the price, I say its a good stick blush/bronzer.

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  • kristi_alonzo By  kristi_alonzo    

    I really like this as a cream highlight!! I wouldn't use it on my lips or anywhere else besides my cheek area and it really works well as a highlight with just a tad bit of color. You can use this over another blush because there isn't a lot of pigmentation with the stick. It basically gives your cheeks a dewy finish so it is better as a highlight.

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  • rocknrollprincess22 By  rocknrollprincess22    

    I dont like this at all I never use it but I still love elf!!

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  • roadtosuccessllc By  roadtosuccessllc    

    Great for the price and I really use it for anything, lips cheeks highlight eyes. Really like it because it is so universal and pretty for a pink shimmer effect. For the price I will definitely repurchase and it just nice to have for travel, one little product in durable packaging that looks pretty.

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  • Orlena123 By  Orlena123    

    Love, love, love this product!! Great for sensitive skin....

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  • Kas284 By  Kas284    

    This product is quite nice, it does have mineral oil in it, but it hasn't bothered my skin because only a very small amount is needed. It truly is versatile, and can be used on your eyes, lips or face. The packaging is cute, and the cap stays on. And although it's small, it's also very inexpensive, and as mentioned before, a little goes a long way.

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  • jenuits By  jenuits    

    A touch of shimmery color that is very cost effective ($1!) and gives your skin a healthy glow. I actually use the persimmon as a blush and it works really well with my dry skin and has a pleasant scent. Great for everyday wear.

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  • priinceszciiara By  priinceszciiara    

    i used this for eyeshadow, i wish they had more color though

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  • spanishwhispers By  spanishwhispers    

    I bought it for one dollar and use it as eye shadow and cheek highlighter. I use it for everyday use to go to work and daily activity.

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  • tatumfaith01 By  tatumfaith01    

    Its great but pesonally i would not use it as an eye shadow.

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