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  • tlynn8 By  tlynn8    

    for me, this did nothing for my skin. I saw this as a recommendation on youtube, and tried it. it just made my face chalky.

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  • KelseyLucille By  KelseyLucille    


    Great product! It's perfect for color correcting and dulling the skin. It's a nice soft and subtle powder. You can wear it with other makeup or just by itself on no makeup days, it works great. My only complaint is that it is very easily to break the packaging. I would absolutely recommend this product to anyone looking to color correct. I will repurchase.

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  • ruffk1 By  ruffk1    

    Love this product. Very good and very cheap!

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  • Tanya1997 By  Tanya1997    

    I really like the elf brand products. I was very surprised how well they work considering how cheap the products are. I use this powder over my foundation to help set it.

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  • Orlena123 By  Orlena123    

    I absolutely love E.L.F. Products....this one rocks!!

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  • xxcassie2coolxx By  xxcassie2coolxx    

    Its makes me look like a glass doll. Its does everything I need it to do. With just three bucks

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  • itsallaboutthehair By  itsallaboutthehair    

    where do I begin? umm, it does cover redness, doesnt look cakey(with a light touch), only 3.00 how can you go wrong?

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  • Jess11 By  Jess11    

    This is such a great product. I use it everyday and its perfect for putting in your purse for touch ups during the day. It makes my face feel really soft and smooth. It also absorbs oil so you stay matte. AND its only $3.00, what a steal. I am in LOVE with this product and many other ELF products as well.

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  • MadHatter By  MadHatter    

    its cheap, and it works pretty well though it makes my face have a lighter tint when i thought it should even it out, i am not complaining much about this. i really like elf products. :)

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  • Daney707 By  Daney707    

    This product was purchased by me (by accident) the other day at Target. This powder is amazing=D The one flaw is that it makes me look a little white, but it makes my skin look matte and realley evens out my skin tone. I really like elf and I think especially for only $3.00 this is definetly worth trying.

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  • islandraven By  islandraven    

    Wow!!! You can't beat $3 and it does a better job than much more expensive complexion corrector powders on the market. Great to keep in your purse for touch-ups throughout the day.

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  • AsheleyLafontant By  AsheleyLafontant    

    $3.00 WOW!!!!!!!!!!! mattifies my face at my oily moments INEXPENSIVE!

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  • CloudNa By  CloudNa    

    Stops shine and it seriously gets rid of all redness in my face. I like this product a lot :)

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  • shortyflague By  shortyflague    

    This Product is AMAZING!! Especially in the summer for stopping shine and for making your face look absolutely perfect. And the Price ($3.00) is the icing on the cake! I LOVE E.L.F. products!

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