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  • marzbaby By  marzbaby    


    It's a decent brush. Really nothing super special about it. Does exactly what it should do.

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  • aduvall01 By  aduvall01    

    I was very pleasantly surprised at how well the brush fit into my hands. Its the perfect angle and shape and cleans up very easy.

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  • AWepas By  AWepas    

    Good for eyeliner and to fill in brows. The bristles are hard so you can get a sharp line.

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  • AshMFree By  AshMFree    


    Great product. Very soft bristles and I love that it's economy friendly. Definitely would suggest this product.

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  • OneNoGirl By  OneNoGirl    

    Bought this as part of a duel-ended brush set - this is rather stiff so I'd be gentle around the more delicate parts of the eye, but the cut of the bristles are exact and stand up well, so I use this for brow management. So far no shedding experienced, which is a plus. While these are generally affordable brushes (and more so when on sale, such as B1G1 50% off at Ulta or Target Online plus Cartwheel), any money I plunk down, I want a reliable product.

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  • Aysia94 By  Aysia94    

    I don't use this for eyeliner I mostly is it to fill in my eyebrows and blend. I've been using this brush for a good 4 to 5 years. Yes I know but that should tell you the quality of the product! It blends perfectly and helps with precision.

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  • Aubiesmom By  Aubiesmom    

    Great brush, the bristles are sturdy yet soft and it's affordable. You can't go wrong with this brush.

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  • JasmineArwood By  JasmineArwood    

    I really like this brush. It has a fine tip, and applies my eye shadow great when I need an angled brush. The bristles are soft and stiff enough so the shadow doesn't go all over. The only bad thing is that some bristles are angled funny and poking out, but you will get that! Overall a great cheap brush!

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  • laice52487 By  laice52487    

    love this brush, it is affordable and durable! this is a must buy as the other eco tools brushes are as well. money well spent here!

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  • mommablaze By  mommablaze    

    this brush is a must have if you want flawless results

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  • temitchell45 By  temitchell45    

    This brush works great wet or dry. Use it everyday. I've tried other brushes and eco tools are definitely my favorites.

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  • onenac By  onenac    

    eco tools are so soft and good

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  • Vonettam By  Vonettam    

    Have three of these on hand for shading brows, drawing liners and highlighting. You can't go wrong. Gets a four because I'm not super confident in their claims of environmental friendliness...meaning, they are light on details.

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  • britt118 By  britt118    

    This brush works good for eyeliner but I also use it to fill in my eyebrows. Doesn't shed either!

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  • steviemae By  steviemae    

    LOVE this brush. I borrow it from my friend all the time. It's so soft and extremely durable. No flimsy handle at all. No shedding from it either.

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