e.l.f. High Definition Undereye Setting Powder

e.l.f. High Definition Undereye Setting Powder

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Too white I?m pretty pale not too pale but still pretty light. I bought this to stop my under eyes from creasing but, this just makes it crease more. Also, it?s very white it does not blend in well.

Glitter...why why why!? This gets a lot of praise as a more affordable setting powder and I just don't get it. I LOVE Elf and many of their products, but why all the glitter? Or ANY for that matter. I don't know who wants to walk around looking like they dumped glitter under their eyes or if you have glitter shadow on it looks like you didn't clean the fallout. I wonder if I got an extra glittery batch because people seem to love it, and say its not very glittery. It still gets 3 stars as the powder is finely milled, does not leave a white cast, is in the perfect size for on the go and you can't beat the price. I've tried to put it on and continuously brush it off trying to dust off the glitter- but that's too much work and not entirely successful (and the glitter usually ends up somewhere else on my face). Please ELF, come out with a glitter free option!

I thought this was just kinda just like the High Def. Setting powder. I would probably just use that one for both uses instead of buying two items that basically do the same thing.

Great Price, Great Undereyes Guaranteed If you are ever on a budget, this setting powder is the way to go. It does contain mica to illuminate the undereye (not chunky) but does not leave a white cast in flash photography. I love it for the price. I use a damp beauty blender to apply...like most girls would agree the brush it came with is pretty useless.

Great undereye Powder This is a great powder for the price. Use a good brush, not a puff and you will get a thin application. Doesn't leave a white cast. Mine doesn't have glitter in it.

I'm not a fan This product isn't worth it. It's a thin white powder with glitter in it. The glitter is quite chunky and it doesn't look nice on the skin. The product does not do a good job setting and it's quite difficult to work with. I would not recommend it.

e.l.f. eye setting powder. I just loved this Under Eye Setting Powder .... It makes me crazy to much.... I purchase it from Just4Girls.pk ....... Its quality and quantity was totally amazed ........ recommended to all of you to try it... http://just4girls.pk

Best setting powder. I use this under eye setting powder everyday! I never have creasing under my eye with this. It last for so long and it's super cheap defiantly a must have!

e.l.f. eye setting powder. I have been using this for some time! I love it and have tried other under eye products but always go back to this. I like that is is not heavy, shiny/glittery and non caking. I think if I could say anything it would be that I wished it came in a little bit bigger container so I don't have to buy it as frequently.

Good setting powder I bought this on a sale, just out of curiosity, but scared that it might be to glittery, for it was a complaint I read many had. But even when the powder looks shimmery in the pan, when it applies, there is no glitter, or super shine on my under eyes, and when I don?t notice any super brightening, it does set my concealer wonderfully, making it last all day long without any cakiness. But I don?t use the brush it come with, for me it was useless, I like applying it with the Real Techniques Setting brush. The only setting powder that is better than this, is Coty Airspun, but this one is better for traveling.