e.l.f. Cosmetics Wet Gloss Lash & Brow Clear Mascara

e.l.f. Cosmetics Wet Gloss Lash & Brow Clear Mascara

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Only used on brows did not see the purpose for lashes gave my brows a nice touch very inexpensive I believe it was about $2

I don't know why i bought this, because i usually do nothing with my eyebrows and just do mascara on my lashes, but i saw it and grabbed it cuz it was cheap. I realize now that i definitely needed it in my life :) I love how it keeps brown looking groomed and in place and gives a nice wet glossy finish.

very good makeup brand, love the way it makes my skin feel after i apply it and love the shades of eye shadow and lipsticks

I actually regret buying this product. Elf Cosmetics makes wonderful products, yet sometimes they have their certain misses, and this is one of them. Neither the brow or mascara gel holds anything up. It feels like you're applying lip gloss to your brows and lashes. It's so useless.

Perfect for when your brows are bushy and out of control. It makes it so that they stay in place without stiffening them up too much.

I love this product! I primarily use this on my eyebrows after I darken them and I find it holds my eyebrows in place for most of the day. I only use the eyelash portion of this product (although I'm pretty sure its the exact same) on days when I find myself either staying at home or not wearing mascara and I feel as though it makes them appear longer!

I only gave this a three because i have only used half a side. Lol But honestly that 50% of this product works amazingly , can't wait to come back with an updated review!

It's inexpensive works great and doesn't leave residue in my eyebrows.

Love this product! It is a must have!

I have had an overall great experience with ELF cosmetics. You can't beat the price, and the quality that comes with the price.

I love how it keeps those little hairs in plae but sometimes it leaves white things in my eyebrows.

I have never liked any type of mascara for my eyebrows except for this one. Very cheap, makes eyebrows look perfect, and it isn't sticky. The only "complain" t that I have is that there should be an eyebrow mascara without the clear mascara for eyelashes. But for the price it really is nothing.


I wasn't sure about this product when I ordered it. I just knew I was trying to get my eyebrows into a decent shape and figured this could help. I tend to use the brow side more and it has become a part of my make-up routine. I don't generally use the mascara side, mostly because my focus is on my brows and I forget about it. I don't have naturally nice or long eye lashes, which is probably why I don't use it.

Love it if I don't want to wear a lot of make up.