e.l.f. Cosmetics Stuido Eyeliner & Shadow Stick

e.l.f. Cosmetics Stuido Eyeliner & Shadow Stick

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Overall I give these people a three and if your looking for something quickly and you don't want to pay to much for anyone who doesn't wear much they could try this. I recommend the bronzer for your cheeks and the chubby stick for your eyes for all day beachy look.

Cheap prices but not cheap products :) love E.L.F!!!

I bought this in the black/smoke duo. I use this everyday! It is cheap and great for the price. Yes- it does tend to smudge under your lower lashline if you put it on your waterline, but that is only if you frequently have your eyes shut. But, the black id nice and creamy and goes on very smoothly. A must have for everyday!

love this for on the go make up applications.

This is a pretty good liner. It goes on easy and stays all day.

This is a good basic stick eyeshadow and liner. The eyeshadow portion is good as a base and the liner needs to be set w/eyeshadow of some sort so it won't smudge and will last longer. Great value and buy for only $3. Good to have in your makeup collection. And if you were to lose it, you wouldn't necessarily cry over it at the thought of having to repurchase it!

Love this ! :D I wear eye liner like crazy haha.. so it runs out quickly but I love this stuff! It goes on really smoothly. It has a nice dark color. It doesnt stab you in the eye. lol. It just goes on nicely and looks great. ELF is a good brand for the price you buy it at.

Just purchased 6 more of these for me and my girls.

This is a perfect way to do a quick smoky eye look! This is way better than Covergirl's smoky shadow blast.

very good quality and goes on smooth and lsts all day.

The Elf products are the best! I love that they aren't super expensive, that way I can try different items without breaking my budget. I love their liquid eyeliner, it's easy for me to apply it even though I have to wear glasses!

The best eyeliner I've used and for a GREAT price!

I have this in pearl/glow and have been using it a highlighter for the inner corners of the eyes and under the brow bone for which the glow side is perfect. The pearl side would probably work just as well. The formula is very creamy and applies very easily. The glow side is an iridescent peach/flesh tone and the pearl side is a silvery iridescent color. The color doesn't tend to last very long if you have oily lids or a tendency to touch your eyes so I recommend using an eye primer and setting it with a dusting of translucent powder after you've applied it to extend the wear. Packaging is a very chic all black. I like the dual ended feature which gives you two great colors in one product. Wish it lasted a bit longer but not a bad product for $3.

Have this in pearl/glow. It is pretty nice, and ELF always has sleek packaging. Over-all the product is smooth. My only problem with it is that the eyeshadow side came out, :). But I believe this was my fault; I was swinging it around a lot. Great product, nice colors, and great for having in your purse. It's a two-in-one; you get the best of both worlds, haha!

I got this in the purple color and the shadow end of it was brown not purple,this was not one of my favorites of their line but they do have some great products!