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  • HallieAllie By  HallieAllie    

    e.l.f. Cosmetics Studio Line has lots of items for low prices. They make great products for starting out and experimenting. Not only the makeup, but also brushes.

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  • joesgirl96 By  joesgirl96    

    love it

    I love this brand. All of their products are great and they are so much more affordable than other products on the market. They are worth every penny.

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  • KelseyLucille By  KelseyLucille    

    Really great

    A terrific, affordable brand. Some items are a miss, but I love trying out their products because I don't have to break my wallet to do it. When you find a good product, it's great just do your research before buying. I love this brand and will continue to be a costumer and recommend it to everyone.

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  • bigdogs By  bigdogs    

    Foundation works great

    Bought the foundation at Old Navy on sale and loved it. Had always used Merle Norman and think for the price it is just as good of coverage and no problems with my skin. I have very sensitive skin due to rare skin cancer on face and had no reaction. Love the price my Daughter loves it too.

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  • Perez1231 By  Perez1231    

    Honestly make up is makeup it all looks the same and all does the same thing its just a matter of knowing how to use it really

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  • sljudkins92 By  sljudkins92    

    I am a big fan of e l f cosmetics! I don't wear a lot of make-up nor do I wear it that often, so why spend an arm and a leg?! E l f Cosmetics rank with the more expensive brands, but for an affordable price. I love everything I have ever bought from them including brushes, eye shadow, mineral face powder, etc... You can't go wrong with e l f! And who doesn't like to have some extra money left over after you go on a make-up trip for something else?

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  • acarrill93 By  acarrill93    

    Love this brand of makeup and cosmetic tools. It's inexpensive, available everywhere and works great.

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  • Crazedcherryx By  Crazedcherryx    

    One of my friends told me about E.LF. a long time ago. But I didn't try it. Just this year I tried it for the first time. It is great for people on a budget. They also have a beauty bundle that is about $25.00 a month. It sends $40 -$50 worth of full sized products to your door every 2 months. It is a great way to stock up on some much needed makeup.

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  • Melanie_Christensen By  Melanie_Christensen    

    I love how ELF is so affordable and has a large variety of colors and products to choose from.

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  • Pearlypearl By  Pearlypearl    

    I seriously love Elf , who doesn't . I even just finished buying their new line. I love how adorable they are !

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  • arwenvevenstar By  arwenvevenstar    

    I love this cosmetics line! They are affordable and work well. Some of my favorite makeup pieces are from this collection.

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  • Paradiscal By  Paradiscal    

    Elf sometimes offers good products, but all the products that I have bought in the past have just not impressed me. I am still willing to try more just because of the price, but so far I am not too motivated to try more.

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  • mandakp22 By  mandakp22    

    The best thing about Elf is the price. It is super affordable. Most of their products are very good quality but there are some products that aren't the best but that is expected when a product is so cheap. For the most part though Elf is a fantastic company with a great price.

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  • MrsRawr By  MrsRawr    

    I cannot praise this company enough. It was my first make-up brand and I'm sure it will be my last. I have never had sticker shock from items and have only a few times been disappointed. They really have quality as their main priority and it shows!

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    I give E.L.F 5 *'s because of its inexpensive price and expensive product quality. It allows the non making 6 figures to be able to purchase makeup brushes, primers, lip wear and eye brow products for a cheap price and still look like Hollywood superstars. I love their products and E.L.F. is always my first stop in the makeup aisle.

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