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  • BeccaAlvi By  BeccaAlvi    


    If you are looking for a brow kit that isn't expensive, then I would recommend this one. I have used it soooo much for my everyday looks and I still am a faithful customer to this day. It is small and compact, so you can take with you anywhere. I have not had to reapply it throughout the day which is a plus!

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  • kabukik By  kabukik    

    Great brows on a budget

    Like with most e.l.f. products, I bought for the price hoping it is actually a good product; and normally I am very pleasantly surprised, and this is one of those times. The compact comes with a powder and a wax, being the wax the darkest color, and both are pigmented and will last a long time on me, keeping my eyebrows in place. I originally bought the colors Medium and Dark, but once trying them out, Medium is a better fit for my eyebrows (I have medium-dark brown hair). The packaging is really nice, it does not look or feel cheap, it is sturdy and in my case it has survived a couple of hard drops; it has a small mirror inside and like the brush, that comes with, is not great but works in a bunch. For $3 usd, this is a great product and value, so it is hard to beat. The reason I don?t give it a 5 star, is the color selection and more than that that the browns are more on the warm side, and would have been better if they were more neutral, but they work for me.

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  • KayleeM By  KayleeM    

    I love everything about this eyebrow kit!! I have used eyebrow pencils in the past and I hated them I could never get my eyebrows to look natural, then I came across e.l.f. Cosmetics Studio Eyebrow Kit I figured ok I will give this a shot, it was only $3.00 so I figured even if I don't like it maybe I can use it for face painting for Halloween or something right! (That's what I do with makeup I don't like I save it for Halloween!!) This product is the one for me I LOVE IT, it was super easy to use, I could even make it look more natural by not just going across but make feather motions to go up like the inside part of your eyebrows do, when I tried doing that with a pencil it didn't work to well for me! It glides on smooth, has a setting powder, has plenty of product and lasts all day, I like the applicator too, I find it easier to use since it's small! I like that is has a mirror and the packaging is study yet sleek and edgy looking! Definitely will not break in my purse! I don't have to keep reapplying it stays! This is the only eyebrow kit for me!! Customer for life!!

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  • Tsjones1996 By  Tsjones1996    

    This used to be my go to, until I was given an expensive pencil from a friend with an ipsy subscription. Will probably return to this after pencil is used up. Gives a great look. You just have to be careful not to overdo it.

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  • dearsydneyy By  dearsydneyy    

    I own this and I find that this is only useful if you have other products that you are using alongside this. I would not use this product on its own but alongside other products, it is useful.

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  • selinakylexo By  selinakylexo    

    I've never been into filling in my brows as I didn't really ever care to do it but recently I'd been wanting a more finished look to my makeup and I decided to try this out. At first I was using brow pencils but wanted to try this out to see what difference it would make. I ended up really liking this and I use it every time I do my brows. I have naturally black hair so my brows are also black and my skintone is sorta between NC30-35, I use this in dark and it works well for me. It isn't too dark or too light and it has decent staying power, I wouldn't say it lasts ALL day but for the majority of it. Worth the $3. Packaging is very nice, seems sturdy, and comes with useful brushes although I do not use them as I prefer something with a longer handle.

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  • leximaxine By  leximaxine    

    The cream color is slightly too creamy, I prefer gel textures for my brows. It is a great product for a good price. It gets the job done!

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  • anvargas1240 By  anvargas1240    

    an amazing product. i use this with the small angled eyeliner brush though

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  • mixed75 By  mixed75    

    Great product. I hav mines in dark and it works well to fill in my brows. Its very affordable also.

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  • daisymay2010 By  daisymay2010    

    This is the brow kit I use, the only brow kit I have ever used, actually. I really like it. I am int the process of growing out my brows, from years of over plucking (the 90's, ugh. Super skinny brows were in)

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  • ChaelaVsKayla By  ChaelaVsKayla    

    I ordered this eyebrow kit early this year and I 'hit pan' with it within a couple of months. This eyebrow kit will totally transform almost anyone's eyebrows if they apply it correctly and LIGHTLY. A brush set that I also ordered from the website has an eyebrow brush in it that works very well with this eyebrow kit. Although it is perfectly fine without any other products, using a brown eyeliner pencil will make for an even bolder look. I love this product and will continue to order them.

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  • Londries By  Londries    

    I love using this brow kit. The e.l.f. Cosmetics are cheap but they work very well.

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  • kyraowen67 By  kyraowen67    

    The brow kit works well. The wax is great for filling in and the powder side, although I don't use it much, makes the eyebrow look natural and I like it. I usually use the Light color, but I will be ordering Ash soon to see if it can make my eyebrows look lighter or at least not any darker.

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  • adithibajaj By  adithibajaj    

    I have thin eyebrows and this helps in creating the shape that I want! Lasts a long time and doesnt smudge or feather. Highly recommended. Its also very affordable.

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  • dudsi17 By  dudsi17    

    Does its job. Lasts all day. Would purchase again. =)

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