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  • CadenceBlythe By  CadenceBlythe    

    I love this mineral makeup. For the eyeshadow, I wet my applicator brush a little and dab it in the shadow then PAT, not swipe on my eye lids. It makes the color pop. Also the mineral powder, white in color is a MUST HAVE. Also, you cannot beat the price! I was lucky enough to get the last one on the shelf.

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  • Pinklover9 By  Pinklover9    

    Loved it. My mom has the same exact one and she also enjoyed it

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  • ajwatkins78 By  ajwatkins78    

    I love how elf is super affordable! The quality of their make up products isn't as good as the higher end products but it's not bad at all either. The brushes are some of the best low priced brushes on the market as well!

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  • kaylasho By  kaylasho    

    I do like elf products because of the price. If i'm not wanting to buy something too expensive, elf is where I turn. Other than that, I don't find their products to be extremely high quality, but that's to be expected. I definitely bought a whole set of make up brushes for only ten dollars and they've come in handy!

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  • Ddrury74 By  Ddrury74    

    I have been using e.l.f cosmetics for about 6 months and I just love them. The mineral wear is as good as the high priced versions. The value is unbelievable! I can't wait to try more! I would recommend this product line to anyone seeking quality cosmetics at value prices.

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  • lee102707 By  lee102707    

    I had been using e.l.f. for a week. I personally felt wonderful with this product, with the price and value I got for my makeup. The next step would be the makeup blushes collection set, and it would be perfect to fit into my crazybudget plan.

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  • ajoyce92575 By  ajoyce92575    

    I love e.l.f products! I have just about everything I the line. The mineral make up is lighgt and gives great coverage. I reccomend it to everyone. And best of all the prices are great :-)

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  • xxJayyBeautyxx By  xxJayyBeautyxx    

    I have not yet tried this E.L.F product but i have heard really great stuff about it ! & i believe it s true E.L.F cosmetics is a really great cheap brand that gives you high quality products :D

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  • Rockabillychk By  Rockabillychk    

    Elf is a great company. I feel that everyone should be able to afford the latest in the cosmetic industry without breaking the bank. The brushes are good quality and sometimes I find myself reaching for elf brushes instead of some of the high end brand.

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  • haleybrooke By  haleybrooke    

    Elf cosmetics have many negatives and positives about it. They are very affortable but they also wear off soon. Many of the eyeshadows dont go on smooth and the eyeliners dont last long. The eyeliners only last about three hours until they start fading. You get what you pay for. Its good for the price but you just have to keep reapplying it every other hour.

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  • Orlena123 By  Orlena123    

    Mineral line is great for sensitive skin or acne prone skin!!! Beautiful products!

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  • Kas284 By  Kas284    

    I adore e.l.f. in general. Their mineral make-up is the best! I have oily acne prone skin, so the less additives and stuff in my cosmetics, the better. From their mineral foundation, to their booster and highlighter, I highly recommend this line of cosmetics! Oh, and you really can't beat the price.

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  • MakeupLover55 By  MakeupLover55    

    Just placed my first elf order! I hope i like it as much as most ppl on here! I love the prices!

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  • MadHatter By  MadHatter    

    Recently I just got hooked on elf products. Its affordable. no complaints on that department. though there are things that work for some people and for others it might not base on their skin condition.

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  • tspringer7207 By  tspringer7207    

    There's some good and some bad in this company just like every other company. I love their studio line powder brush and i love their blushes and also their blush and bronzer duo is great. i have a lot of products from this company some i hate like their lipglosses because they are sticky and i dont like the smell but some I LOOOOOOOVE for example the coconut body wash OH MY GOSH I LOVE THAT BODY WASH! I also love love love their eyeshadow brush. I dont really like the mineral blending brush though. Its the bamboo one. yeah that one kind of sucks. So you have to look around and test things out but its always worth the try because of the prices!

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