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  • Drb1991 By  Drb1991    

    Ok for the price

    Elf eyelashes are good, not amazing but good. They aren't the most realistic looking but they're good if you're going for big and dramatic. Also the glue that comes with it is awful and sometimes dried out.

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  • heartsong68 By  heartsong68    

    Love this product.

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  • caseyfleagle By  caseyfleagle    

    I recently tried these fake eyelashes. I had trouble getting them to stay on and I just felt that they didn't look right. I usually never have that problem with drugstore eyelashes so I was suprised.

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  • enizabeth2004 By  enizabeth2004    

    These lashes are very nice easy to put on ... You get what you pay for u can only wear them once maybe twice

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  • adriloves03 By  adriloves03    

    I have the natural and individual lashes and love them! My glue has always been great but I always get the clear glue the individual lashes bring a full size glue vile. I love these just as good as MAC or even better for one dollar!

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  • Ricca81 By  Ricca81    

    Love this product. Great brand and affordable price.

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  • jessicamezalove By  jessicamezalove    

    love then us them every day for work... and i get them at target for a $1

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  • Hiiyooitscat By  Hiiyooitscat    

    Love these lashes!!! they are so cheap! only a dollar! Everytime i buy false lashes from them i always buy 5 or 10 of them at one time. And they last a long time, i am able to reuse them for quite some time. However, the glue that comes with each set is horrible. It works.. but not well. Make sure to have your own eyelash glue.

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  • orangecitrus By  orangecitrus    

    I really like the lashes, but i recommend purchasing another glue because it doesnt work very well.

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  • SabreNinja By  SabreNinja    

    I have to say myself that I absolutely love these lashes! They look so natural once you know how to put on false lashes. I do recommend you getting a different lash glue, but otherwise its a steal of a deal for only a buck.

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  • Lolalee By  Lolalee    

    I bought these for $1 at Target and I love the lashes but the glue is just the worse glue I have ever seen oh my!! I give it 5 stars though because The lashes are not bulky where you attach them so when you eye liner it looks like they are yours, the strands are natural looking with nice flare!! I recommend to buy an eyelash glue from a pharmacy though!

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  • BeautyByRivera By  BeautyByRivera    

    I use these lashes in my makeup kit and for a dollar you can't beat it! The glue is horrible, but I use my own duo glue and I've used them on many brides.

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  • krissiee2002 By  krissiee2002    

    Okay so I bought these on sale for like 5 dollars a while back just to see if I could pull off the hollywood glam look. Let me just say this if you buy them make sure you know how to use them 1st. Due to my lack of knowledge using false lashes I had one fall off at a nice dinner one night! lol Once I got the hang of it they looked great!!!!

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  • dudsi17 By  dudsi17    

    I really like this. Would not use the glue it comes with. Very natural but definitely makes a difference. =)

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  • mcarter251 By  mcarter251    

    I purchased a few of these but haven't used them.

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