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  • lola1900 By  lola1900    

    I like a cream eye shadow it is faster to apply. When I am in a hurry I pull out the cream eye shadows. They seem much easier to apply and have a more vibrant tone or color to them. This one seems to last a little longer on the eyes. Beautiful eyes and more fun.

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  • cajmonet24 By  cajmonet24    

    great product loves these cute colors

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  • Mreis1990 By  Mreis1990    

    This product was good.. I like their normal eye shadows better .. The colors ii got were nice for base colors .. Overall a good product from elf..

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  • JuliaNicole By  JuliaNicole    

    Great product for a great price! and it stays on!

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  • EsmeLala By  EsmeLala    

    This product was great. ELF has always been one of my go to makeup brands and these duos are delightful. The color doesn't stay for as long as I would want it but overall it works perfectly .

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  • raexran By  raexran    

    Have this in my collection, very pretty color combination and the colors are beautiful on.

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  • priinceszciiara By  priinceszciiara    

    love love this company and the colors but since it seems to crease i catch myself having to reapply it.

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  • Synistrugane By  Synistrugane    

    not so much of a bad product. they have amazing colors but the downfall of this product is that it creases which i deff dont like!

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  • FloridaGators16 By  FloridaGators16    

    Over all not a bad product! I tried using it by itself and found that it did not have the great color payoff that I imagined. But, if used as a base for a similar colored eyeshadow it looks great! I used the black eyeshadow cream under black eyeshadow and wow! It made the black eyeshadow look vivid and creamy! I would reccomend to a friend only if they use this as a base.

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  • KellyMadrigal By  KellyMadrigal    

    This creamy eyeshadow are great! They go on easy, stay on pretty long. I love the colors that they have :D

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  • dudsi17 By  dudsi17    

    Great to use as a base not just as eyeshadow.

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  • mcarter251 By  mcarter251    

    I so love their cream shadows!

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  • Reka_814 By  Reka_814    

    I am a huge fan of gold colors. This would be great to review

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  • sheatsns By  sheatsns    

    I love E.L.F products and this is one of my faves! It glides on silky smooth and gives a pretty natural look, if you want to go for the more dramatic look you can use it as a eyeshadow base or even as a gel liner.

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  • mrsawatkins By  mrsawatkins    

    I am very happy with ELF cosmetics. I think the brushes are great. However, the cream shadows are ok. They don't last very long for me, even with primer.

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