e.l.f. Cosmetics Brushes

e.l.f. Cosmetics Brushes

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nice work this product is amazing , the brushes are soft and doesn't mix up my make up and blends in right , this is nice and telling other to buy this

Elf brushes I have a set of this brushes and i like them i use them every time i do my makeup i like that there easy to grab to be able to blend my makeup and when you wash them the hairs dont come out easily i also like that there affordable

Love elf I'm pretty sure I have all the brushes elf has out!! I absolutely love them!! For the price you can't beat it!! They work really well and are not cheaply made!

Yes! I've used pretty much all of these. I even still have some in my collection. So affordable, and they are great for beginners.

Super pleased! Absolutely love elf products. Their brushes are of fantastic quality. They last a long time, are easy to clean and use. Not to mention the price is basically a steal! I won't buy any other products!

Love elf I have a huge collection of elf brushes and they never disappoint. You cant beat the price and the quality is good, ive never had a shedding brush or a broken handle.

Beautiful brushes. Work great. Definetly a keeper! Will be buying again

I have used the Elf Cosmetic Angle Brushes and it has by far, been the best angle brush I've owned yet. After several attempts at finding the perfect consistency and strength to an angle brush, I came across Elf. I primarily use my angle brush to do my eyebrows, so it was important I had a firm angle, that was also easily movable across the brow and that's exactly what Elf Brushes provided. I'm definitely in love and haven't bought any other brand of make up brush since I found these.

I bought the foundation brush at walmart last week and have used it everyday since. I love how soft the bristles are and my Kat Von D foundation has NEVER looked so perfect!! I was using a beauty blender before and while it went on very good, the sponge really sucked up A LOT of the foundation. With this the brush doesn't really hold onto the liquid at all, and really applies it evenly and smoothly. The shape of the brush is perfect to get into creases on the sides of my nose. I also have very thin eyebrows, so I use the e.l.f stencils (life savers honestly) to fill them in and shape them more, the design of the brush makes it so easy to go around my brows and not mess up my eyebrows one bit. Honestly so happy with this purchase. Only negative, my brush cleaner I've been using for all my brushes and sponges for the last.... gosh, 4 years? It really leaves a waxy feel on this and I can see that there is still some foundation left on the bristles. I'm going to have to get some really deep cleaning stuff for this brush. I've used multiple brushes by this company, almost all of my brushes are actually E.L.F. They are long lasting and provide great application.

I have e.l.f. Studio stippling brush and spooley brush. The stippling brush is great. I use it to apply my concealer, not much of a foundation girl bc I don't have any blemishes but dark circles under my eyes. This is the best brush I've used to blend my under eye and will continue to use it. Sleek and very easy to hold. I also have the spooley brush and I use that to blend my eyebrows and just to all around brush them when they look a little raggedy. Great brushes for such cheap price

I have a lot of their brushes and I want all of them. They are inexpensive and they work so well. I've had a couple that shed but I just return them and get another.

I have a lot of their brushes and I want all of them. They are inexpensive and they work so well. I've had a couple that shed but I just return them and get another.

I love elf brushes! I have so many in the studio professional line and cant get enough of them! Sometimes you will notice a little but of "looseness" around the metal part on the handle but nevertheless they are great quality at an affordable price!

Their brushes are a hit and miss. I do my research before purchasing any of their products. The brushes I do own are great quality. I have the duo spooky-angled eyebrow brush, crease brush and flat eyeshadow brush and I love them and use them probably every single day.

I bought these because they were inexpensive, expecting them to be just good enough to use for Halloween makeup application. They ended up being great brushes that I use every day. I was surprised by the superior quality because they were so inexpensive. Highly recommended.