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  • MrsBambie By  MrsBambie    

    Does what it says!

    I love Dr.Brandt products. This one is no different. The product delivers results that compare to peels at a Solon in my opinion. I?ll keep this in my Arsenal!!!

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  • SkincareJen19 By  SkincareJen19    

    Use with caution

    Good product a tad harsh if you don't be careful. It will take layers off lol. But it does work really well and leaves your face feeling clean. I'd still recommend this product. Yes expensive but I would say worth it for a high-end product.

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  • Vtctgirl88 By  Vtctgirl88    

    Good product but pricey

    I have tried several dr brant items now thanks to subscription boxes. I really like this product. I have dry sensitive skin and this isn't too harsh for it. It leaves my skin nice and bright in smooth. However I can only use this product two or three times a month. I really enjoy the smell as well. The only downfall is the price.

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  • AWepas By  AWepas    

    This is a really good scrub, but pricy. I got it as a part of a subscription box and have enjoyed using it. Great ingredients, so that's a plus. You can often find Dr. Brandt products at TJmax or Marshals and I would totally go for it there.

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  • kabukik By  kabukik    

    Not a bad scrub, but it reminds me of St. Ives Timeless Skin Daily Microdermabrasion, unfortunately discontinued, and that cost less that fifth of what this one costs, so it becomes a huge turn off how overpriced it is. Saying that, it is a fine scrub and is pretty good at cleaning my face, but unlike the St. Ives this one does make my skin feel a little dry; when it comes to retexturing of my skin, didn't notices nothing major, it does feel smoother but I believe is because I scrubbed my all my dead skin and dirt off. About the smell, well it has a minty scent that made me think I was washing my face with toothpaste. For me this isn't a bad product, but there are better scrubs, high-end & Drugstore, so it won't be part of my skincare.

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