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Women in your 40's, "who am I" - Do you ever think about that?
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on Jan 27, 2021 (Read 226 times | Comments: 2)
I have actually been giving this quite a bit of thought lately, because as we all know - "life happens". I am just curious, if any of you ladies often wonder - "who am I"? Well, that could be a list of things or feelings of not much at all. I am really hoping for a discussion on this. * My own answer would be fairly lengthy, but in a nutshell, I'm not really sure anymore....

on Jan 28, 2021 Quote  »     Reply  »

I know I have wonderlust and I love nature. I love art. I'm tied down to my young kids. I'm almost 40 with a 5 year old and an almost 2 year old. I'm about to open a coffee shop if my offer is excepted. Do I know myself? Yes. Do I do everything I want to do? No. Is my wildness unleashed and tucked away? Yes. I know My mind and disires are limitless, but grounded and limited. Yet, still I paint my own life.

on Feb 02, 2021 Quote  »     Reply  »

I raised my daughter travelling all the time. We travelled all over Europe. My parents were stationed in Germany and then retired there. she will never forget when the fire ants bit her when we stopped on an island for her to go to the bathroom while we were canoeing down the Rhine River. We finally moved to the states when she was in 4th grade. She barely remembers going to German School but she still has her text books in the attic. It was a culture shock moving back to the states after having been overseas from 72-96 (I was a young child when we got stationed there). Being a single mother is hard but we women are strong and we can do it. I never felt tied down to my daughter of course my mother watched her when I worked and when I came to the states she was in school during the day. During my night and weekend jobs she was with me most of the time. She grew up at the Ronald McDonald House when I worked there and got to meet a lot of people. She helped me clean houses on weekends.