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Any Bonus(step) Mommas Out There?
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on Jan 23, 2018 (Read 252 times | Comments: 0)
I don't like the "step" word, I prefer Bonus Mom bc we aren't stepping over or on anyone, we are an ADDED BONUS! I have a little more rare case as I am a f/t Bonus Mom and have been for the past four years. His Bio Mom was there his whole first year, and she came back in & out enough times spread out to equal almost 1 yr. As far as knowing her as his "mom" other than in pics he sees, he only knows her as a happy-go lucky lady who comes and gives him presents every now and then, feeds him candy and lies, promising the world, and then disappears again. I don't see that little boy any different from the two girls at all anymore, we have all bonded very well and came so far especially the past year! However, the first part of this process was insane!! I also lived as a single mom to my oldest daughter for right at 3 years, living off the government, because I had to and struggling daily. I choose that life over my abusive ex sperm donor! If you need to talk or advice, I'm here!