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Hospital Bag Must Haves
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on Jul 01, 2016 (Read 595 times | Comments: 4)
I'm due to be induced this month. Any ideas on what are the hospital bag essentials. I don't want to over pack and I know hospitals provide alot of items. It can be so overwhelming.

on Jul 15, 2016 Quote  »     Reply  »

I tried commenting but I guess it didn't go through! Bring comfy/loose clothes and nursing tanks if you plan on nursing. Robe or nightgown if you don't want to wear the hospital ones, slippers, flip flops for shower, toiletries if you're specific and don't want to use the hospital's stuff, chap stick, going home outfit for you and baby (might want to bring an extra outfit for baby in case he/she spits up), a pacifier if you plan on using one, lots of pads, comfy underwear you won't mind throwing away, phone charger, some snacks. Also definitely stock up on everything the hospital provides you! We got tons of newborn diapers, blankets, and other baby stuff, and I got tons of the hospital pads and the disposable underwear. I was induced and had such an amazing experience, good luck!!!!!

on Aug 18, 2016 Quote  »     Reply  »

One of the number one things I would say to bring is Chapstick. Aside from all of your other things that are diaper bag must haves, there is nothing worse than having chapped lips while in the hospital. The air is extremely dry, and it'll dry your lips out fast. Another I found useful is having your own body wash and shampoo to freshen up and kind of feel like yourself again. Good luck!

on Aug 24, 2016 Quote  »     Reply  »

Bring everything mention before but also bring lifesavers your mouth tends to also dry from medications and things.And if you have another child at home I always brought home a small present to the sibling from the new sibling helps with some jealously that may crop up, LOL.

on Mar 14, 2018 Quote  »     Reply  »

diapers, wipes, outfits, medications, chargers, body wash and shampoo, deodorant,etc