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Horrible Husbands who are now EXes Lets hear the war stories
on Jul 06, 2016 (Read 336 times | Comments: 1)
After perusing the board, I thought this would be a good topic for us to be able to vent things that you have been holding back that need to be said just to let it to and get on with our lives. Mine in a nutshell: 35 years in two abusive marriages, the second one was 25 years and a sham the entire time. In the end he sabotaged me in rescuing dogs, got my grandchildren taken from their mother and adopted out and spent the entire marriage in relationships with both men and women before walking out the door after 25 years- with a 25 year old GUY!! I heard nothing more from him, I am disabled and on social security and got nothing from him. I divorced him and got the house through court orders, he never showed up for any of it. I still do not hear from him and do not expect to. His games were mostly mental because he was a narcisstic bastard! Good riddance even if i am struggling with paying for the house and in bankruptcy.I have lots more, but no room here!

on Jul 13, 2017 Quote  »     Reply  »

I was married for 20 years. Mine was all mental. he put me down, called me fat, said that no one would love me, no one would want me, and on and on. His actions were not physical, but hurt just as much. He cut me off of friends that I could still have today, Cut me off from my family which is still being repaired to this day. I got divorced at 40 and had to pay that jerk child support for 2 years even though I had no job, house, car or income. I got him in the end though I get 45% of his retirement that he gets from the military. i could go on about what he did to me, but he is not worth my time or my mind going to him and putting him back into my life by thinking about him. I am married now to the most wonderful man in the world. he treats me like a queen and call me beautiful all the time.