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on Dec 04, 2012 (Read 473 times | Comments: 2)
I'm having a hard time putting my 7 week old son down for a nap. I can't get him to sleep more than 45 minutes unless I take him for a car ride. He does great at night and I try using the same the same techniques but it doesn't seem to work. I want him to be able to nap without using a car ride as the tool. Does anyone have any tips or techniques that might work? Thank you

on Feb 27, 2013 Quote  »     Reply  »

It is so hard to get babies' on a sleep pattern (My third baby is now 7 weeks old). Try warming the milk and putting them in a quiet room. or swings work wonders! if you have one or bouncer seats that vibrate as well. Also unless he is fla out screaming let him fuss a minute he may just be dreaming, my son did that when he was little and my kids sleep with their eyes partially open so i would pick him up thinking he was awake because he was fussing a little then he would end up getting really cranky and wanting to lay back down. Also it may be gas, get some gripe water or gas drops and put a dose in his bottle that way he makes sure to get it. and make sure to burp him even if he falls asleep dont give up they will burp in their sleep if there is a bubble i burp my daughter for about 15-20 mins before i lay her down if she hasnt burped and bounce them a little that tends to get bubbles out not all babies burp in the same position find the one that works for your baby!! :)

on Apr 27, 2014 Quote  »     Reply  »

My son is also 7 weeks old. I am having the same issue except he HATES the car. I can't get him to nap without me laying with him or I have to BF him until he falls asleep. My biggest issue is he gets super moody and cries SOOOO much from like 6-8pm. He just won't stop screaming. I can't get him to stop with anything I do. He hates the swing, he won't take the binky, he won't take a bottle or breast. He just fusses and screams for 2 hours. I don't know what to do to help him. If anyone has any suggestions, PLEASE let me know. Thanks :)