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Working at home <3
on Nov 16, 2016 (Read 180 times | Comments: 0)
Hello! I am a full time college student who is currently studying Science but I am switching it over this semester to Business and later on going into Veterinary Medicine. My family consists of my mother (61 years old and retired) and I and we only have one vehicle. I was working at home through a company called Appen as a Social Media Evaluator and getting paid more then minimum wage and this was helping out a lot, however it is not permanent work. I would have to work at home between college and helping out my aging mother (running errands, etc.). Does anyone know of any other work at home companies that at least pay minimum wage? I have my own home office and I use TurboTax Self-Employed to help me with my taxes. I also freelance on Mturk in my free time, but you get paid very little for the tasks. I worked on and made $25 so far, but the jobs on there are very hard to get as everyone bids on them. I was wanting to be a Virtual Assistant as I am very organized...