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on May 14, 2020 (Read 348 times | Comments: 3)
I need to improve my image for work but I don't have a mom or sister that can help me. Does anyone have any tips as to how I should improve my work image? Should I be wearing makeup? Dresses? Suits? I don't even know where to begin.

I work in IT and I am the "face" of tech support. My department is full of men and I've been told not to wear anything with words on it and not to wear anything "tight". Any recommendations?

on May 15, 2020 Quote  »     Reply  »

Recently, because I am on more video calls than normal, I have been "jazzing up" my appearance just a bit to look refreshed. I've been using just a little bit of blush, mascara, maybe some highlight, and a nice chapstick. 

on May 25, 2020 Quote  »     Reply  »

Hi, I think natural makeup will do good enough, and if you're comfortable since summer is coming up wear bright pattern clothing or solids. Because you said you can't wear anything tight two-piece loose sets will be good also just wearing a nice top with basic pants paired with some nice flats or sandals can be cute. Plus having cute accessories can make any outfit look good nothing chunky though. Basically business casual or just casual should fit the job you have you can wear a dress that sort of shows your figure without looking tight and a suite with a casual top along with cute sneakers or loafers. Hopefully, this helps you feel better about making a decision to look amazing working in IT full with men lol good luck.

on Jun 03, 2020 Quote  »     Reply  »

Personally from my working experiences, I think that subtly is the best help. So keeping healthy skincare routines and applying natural make-up that is light and won't clog your pores. As well as investing in a singular fancy item eg. A new smart button up coat, a blouse that you only wear for important meetings, or a blazer that can go with a multitude of your clothes already.