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Eyeshadow tips!
on Aug 09, 2017 (Read 121 times | Comments: 2)
Hi my name is Angel and I was hoping anyone could help me with different tips or ideas to wear my eyeshadow, I have green eyes with medium blonde hair, also any colors to

on Aug 22, 2017 Quote  »     Reply  »

If you are looking to make your eyes pop, I would stick to pinks, and purples with gold accent colors. And depending on your outfits you can play around. I like to put a light shimmery color in the inner lid, a pop of color in the mid lid and a darker color (browns usually) on the other lid and the outer crease, then a medium shimmer to your abler crease, with a highlighter right under your brown. then apply some eyeliner on the top and just a little on the outer bottom lid, and some mascara!

on Sep 08, 2017 Quote  »     Reply  »

Hi Peahes34! Eyeshadow is my FAVORITE beauty product. Between all the formulas (cream, powder,etc), it's such a universal product! As for your specific concerns- green eyes typically look great with purple hues. (purple ranging on the pink/red tones rather than the blue tones) A general rule of thumb is look at a color wheel. Whatever colors are opposite of each other, complement each other. Another thing to consider is the depth/brightness/darkness of your green eyes. This may guide you in determining how to enhance the individual green hue of your eyes. I don't consider hair color much with makeup selection- I believe skin tone is more important. Are there any certain application techniques you are looking to try? There are a variety of implements to achieve a variety of different looks and I can always provide feedback if you have an questions. :) Have fun, girl!